Thank You for Your Continued Patience

Yep, that’s what I have looked like for the past several days!

I have been having MAJOR server issues, and I know that dealing with my website has been a major pain in the, umm, behind. I have been on the phone with tech support trying to resolve the issue so I appreciate your patience while we hopefully get to the bottom of the problem, and they fix it for good! It appears an intermittent problem so be sure and check back if you are having trouble with the site loading excruciatingly, painfully and headbangingly slow or if you have been receiving the dreaded error screen of death.

I have also had to implement CAPTCHA for comments since I’ve been attacked by spambots despite my spamfighting software. It seems to be working since no spam has made it through today! Ah, a small success in the war on the cyber battles plaguing me, but I’ll take victory wherever I can find it!

Once again, thank you for your patience while I am working with tech support on getting Book Reviews and More by Kathy running smoothly again!

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4 Responses to Thank You for Your Continued Patience

  1. Cec

    Thats the thing with technology….good one day and crappy the next! Good luck Kathy!

  2. Ah, sweets, I feel your pain! This too shall pass.

    • Book Reviews & More by Kathy

      Thanks, Becky. I seem to be winning the war on SPAM. Server issues are still an ongoing battle 🙁 If it keeps up, I’ll be switching hosting companies after Christmas.