Friday’s Feature: Guest Interview with Debra Kayn and Contest for Margot’s Lawman

Stopping by to chat with us today is multi-published author Debra Kayn. Margot’s Lawman the third book in her Sisters of McDougal Ranch will be in virtual bookstores Monday February 13th.

Kathy: Thank you for stopping by to visit with us today. I am always curious about what prompts an author to try their hand at writing. How did you begin your writing career? Was it long process to get your first novel published?

Ms. Kayn: Thanks for having me here today, Kathy! I’ve always enjoyed writing, and have dabbled with writing stories since I was young. However, it wasn’t until my kids reached their early teen years that I started checking in to how people get their books published, and started learning all I could.

From the time I started learning how the business works, and what was available to me, it took 1 year to get my first book published.

Kathy: How did you come up with the concept of the Sisters of McDougal Ranch? Has the series gone in a different direction that your originally planned?

Ms. Kayn: One of the best pieces of advice I received from an editor is to make sure you write what you know. So, I knew I wanted to write about cowboys, small country towns, and family. I did step out of my comfort zone by writing about a family of sisters though. I grew up with only brothers and had no idea how sisters interacted. Lol I also wanted to show the heartache that goes with knowing and loving someone with ALS (Lou Gehrig disease), and how death of a parent can change your life.

Has the direction of the series changed? Yes, in a way. The first three books are more of a family saga type storyline. I’ve recently changed direction with the 4th book, Florentine’s Hero, and have contracted that book with Entangled Publishing, in Lori Wilde’s Indulgence imprint. The book will have a little different feel, and will be classified as a category romance. You’ll still see the family, but the story will revolve more around Florentine, and…well, I’ll keep her love interest secret. I’m excited about the changes.

Kathy: Oooh, I’m excited about the upcoming changes too. I cannot wait for Florentine’s story!

Can you tell us about your biker series The Chromes and Wheels Gang? Is there a common thread that ties this series together other than the biker theme? Do you have plans for other books in this series?

Ms. Kayn: Ah, my biker gang series. Yes, I hope to write book 3 in the series soon. One common thread of all my books, not only the series but the standalones too, is the love of family. In the Sisters of McDougal Ranch, the 5 sisters are raised by their single rancher father. In The Chromes and Wheels Gang series, family is given a new meaning. It’s a group of individuals who’ve come together and claimed each other as family. Family dynamics is the theme that ties everything together, whether you adopt your own family, have an unconventional family, or a dysfunctional family. I think there’s something there for everyone to relate to.

Kathy: You have also written quite a few standalone novels in different genres. Do you prefer writing standalone novels or series?

Ms. Kayn: There’s something special about writing a series. I love following characters through different books, and falling in love with them over again (as a reader and a writer). Writing wise, series are much harder. There are subplots that must continue, little details that I must not forget, and continual conflict that must be discovered. It’s a lot of work, but one I really enjoy.

Kathy: Is there a genre you like writing more than another? Is there a genre you would like to give a try? A genre you won’t ever write?

Ms. Kayn: I love contemporary stories. I love being able to write a story that people can relate to and fall in love with. I would love to delve more into romantic suspense. I have two books (Resurrecting Charlie’s Girl and Love Rescued Me) that I really enjoyed, because of the suspense.

I don’t think I could ever write an inspirational book, or a mystery. I’m sure I’d fail miserably. lol

Kathy: Where do you get the inspiration for your novels? Real life? Or strictly imagination?

Ms. Kayn: Both. Sometimes real life inspires a storyline, but as I’m writing it’ll take on a life of its own and become even better. I like to fabricate stories. Isn’t that the benefits of being a writer?

Kathy: Do you see yourself in any of your heroines? Would any of your family members or friends recognize themselves in any of your characters?

Ms. Kayn: There’s a lot of Margarine Butter from Biker Babe in Black in me. Her crazy bad luck and how she never lets it stop her is a life lesson I try to follow. I’m pretty laid back, and rather laugh than cry. Also, Val in Val’s Rancher was an almost painful book to write. She’s the baby of the family and deals with the death of her daddy. I have that in common with her, and went through a lot of Kleenex writing that book.

Lol No one has said they recognize themselves in my books *knock on wood*. I have had relatives tell me they recognize the houses, the location of places in my books. They get a kick out of that. Oh, and my mom recognizes little habits in the characters as mine or my hubs. I try not to ask her for specifics. 😉

Kathy: Would you please tell us a little about Margot’s Lawman?

Ms. Kayn: I think of Margot’s Lawman as the transitional book of the series. All the sisters are moving on from the death of Stuart McDougal, and there are more happy times coming. There’s also a little surprise in the story. A new character to Pike, Montana, that I hope the readers will enjoy.

Kathy: What projects are you currently working on? What can readers look forward to from you in the coming year?

Ms. Kayn: My writing plate is full! I’m currently working with Lori Wilde, my editor, on Florentine’s Hero (book 4 of Sisters of McDougal Ranch). I have a couple of submissions out that I’m waiting to hear back on. I’m excited about these books, and hopefully will have good news soon.

Kathy: I have enjoyed chatting with you today. Is there anything else you would like to share with us before you go?

Ms. Kayn: Thank you so much for having me here, Kathy. I’d love to give a pdf copy of Margot’s Lawman to one lucky person who leaves a comment.

If anyone wants to check out my website, you can find me here, follow me on Twitter, or come on by and like my Facebook Page.

Kathy: Ms. Kayn, congratulations on your upcoming release and thank you so much for visiting with us today. Feel free to drop by anytime you happen to be in the neighborhood.

To celebrate her visit here and her upcoming release, Ms. Kayn is giving away a pdf coy of Margot’s Lawman to one lucky person who leaves a comment.

Title: Margot’s Lawman by Debra Kayn
Sisters of McDougal Ranch Book 3
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 37,000 words


It’s hard to keep a secret in the small town of Pike, Montana, but veterinarian Margot McDougal and sheriff Roy Lee Hanson managed to keep their relationship on the sly for months. Margot cares for Roy Lee, but the last thing she needs is to worry about local gossip while she’s busy running her clinic and dealing with the loss of her beloved father.

Roy Lee can’t wait to tell the world that he loves Margot. He respected her decision to keep their affair quiet—until now. It’s time for everyone to know Margot is his gal…especially Ryan Martin, her new assistant. He’s formed an attachment to Margot and Roy Lee is sure the city boy’s unexplained appearance in Pike means he’s up to no good.

Margot just wants to help Ryan fit in, and Roy Lee’s jealousy soon drives a wedge between them. A wedge that only increases when Margot is roped into Ryan’s secret, too…

37,000 words

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  1. Eileen

    Thanks for the great interview. I like learning more about an author. Sounds like a recording but it is so true! the books sound wonderful. Will have to put the Bikers gang series on the TBR. Thanks.

  2. Tiss

    Great Interview. I went and added Debra’s website to my favorites list. Looking forward to Book 3. Congrats on the release!

  3. What a great interview. I love this series and talked with Debra about it. I definitely recommend both of these series, they are definitely worth the read.

    Good Luck Debra on your new release – I hope it does well.

    *please don’t enter me – I have my copy already*

  4. Tamsyn

    Congratulations on the new release. Just in time for Valentine’s Day! I really enjoyed the interview. Interesting to based a series on a family of cowgirls instead of cowboys!

  5. Thanks everyone, and thank you, Kathy!

    It’s such a fun series to write, and cowboys…well, I gotta love cowboys. 🙂

  6. Angie M

    Great interview. I’m always interested in how writers got started. Sounds like another great book in this series.

  7. Cathy M

    After reading your great review, this looks like a series that I need to start reading.

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  8. Cec

    I love this series! I’m glad book 3 is coming out….yay!!
    Congratulations on your new release!
    Great interview!!!

  9. Timitra

    That was such a great interview I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!!!!

  10. Ruth Smithson

    What a great interview!! I love finding new authors!! Thanks for sharing! Oh yeah the book sounds hot also!


  11. Yolanda

    Great interview. Ms. Kayn is a new to me author but I look forward to reading this series.

  12. Tracey D

    This sounds good. I need to buy the first 2 books.

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  13. Ms. Heather

    I’ve read both Chromes and Wheels books, recently purchased the first two McDougal Ranch books, and plan to purchase Margot’s Lawman when it comes out.

    Please don’t enter me to win because I’d rather the book go to someone who has never experienced Debra Kayn’s flavor of flair, and I’m already a fan. I just stopped by to show some love and check out this site. 😀

    Great interview, ladies!