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The one who makes your heart twist…

Typically, there is that male lead who makes your heart twist. You know he’s special, you just don’t know why (yet) or how everything will play out. In this series of interviews with the characters of Restless Spirit, that character would be Shepherd. Rough, gruff, big and not very easy to read. Which for Tuesday, our heroine, equals a challenge. She’s stubborn as the day is long. And go figure, so is he.

A former ex ultimate fighter, Shep now works as the local handyman. A simple kind of man living a simple kind of life, but under his almost predictable exterior are layers and layers of confusing vulnerability. Something that is terrifying to Tuesday, because it draws her in and makes her want to get closer to him.

Speaking of Tuesday, let’s see what Shepherd has to say to some of my standard questions, sometimes he doesn’t like to talk about himself:

So, Shepherd, I know of all of them you’re the most close-mouthed.

All of them… [frowns] I don’t like to talk about myself much, if that’s what you mean.

I do. So let’s start with the normal boring shtick, shall we? What’s your favorite drink?

I don’t have one. I like everything. If I’m in the mood for beer, I’ll have a beer. If I have a nice steak, I might want wine. If I’m losing my mind I might want a strawberry daiquiri [almost manages not to smile]. It’s not good to be predictable.

So, I guess if you don’t want to be predictable, it would be safe to say you really don’t have a favorite sex position?

I wouldn’t say that [laughs] but is this in reference to a specific person?

Of course. Tuesday, you know that.

Well, I did like it when I had her tied to that shelf. That was definitely a memorable moment.

Ah, I see. So you’re into—

I’m into whatever I’m into at any given moment. Especially with Tuesday.

I see. So let’s move on to your former job. You were an ultimate fighter. Pretty brutal sport.

It can be. But life can be that brutal in general. You need to be on your game.

We heard you still go do promo once a year for charity. Because of a sister that…

I don’t like to talk about that much.

But you spoke about it with Tuesday.

Tuesday’s special.

I see, so speaking of Tuesday. What do you think you’re chances are with her?

[frowns] She’s hard to read sometimes. I’d have to say…as good as anyone’s, I guess. I doubt she thinks I’m anything special.

I think you’re wrong.

You’re allowed to think whatever you want. It’s a free country…

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Tuesday Cane walks out on her life and her abusive man when she inherits her grandmother’s house at Allister Lake.

There she finds plenty of distractions to take her mind off her loss with her sexy neighbour and handyman Shepherd, former TV star Reed and her old flame Adrian.

But, as time passes, she senses that something is not quite right with her new life. And no amount of steamy sexual encounters can hide her anxiety.

Surrounded by so many interesting men and erotic enticements, Tuesday has no intention of committing to one man ever again. But the more she insists she’s nobody’s girl, the more she wants to be somebody’s girl. Will she continue to be a restless spirit and run from love or will she be won over?

Excerpt from Restless Spirit by Sommer Marsden NSFW (Must be of legal age in your country to continue)

The echoes of my boot heels chased me down the hallway. When I walked into the gaping space of the auditorium I froze. I felt tiny and exposed. I felt naked.

‘Hello?’ I practically whispered.

‘Hey, there Tuesday,’ came his warm gruff voice and my body responded by rippling with energy. I followed his voice. ‘I brought you food.’

‘Come on up. Hurry. I’m starved.’

I stopped, squinting against the stage lights in my face. But behind the light all was dark. I couldn’t see him but I could hear him. Varnish fumes were in the air but not overpowering. I started up the steps clutching my basket like Dorothy going down the yellow brick road. Or Little Red Riding Hood walking into the wolf’s lair on the way to Grandma’s house.

‘Keep coming, Tuesday,’ he said and then chuckled. Shepherd was being dirty on purpose, I knew it and yet I still reacted. A ribbon of arousal uncurling deep in my belly and filling my womb. My pussy was swollen and ready and that was just from his damn voice.

I climbed and out of the darkness a hand grabbed my thigh and I started but then laughed. ‘There you are.’

‘Here I am.’

That strong hand pulled me down and I found myself sitting in his lap. With the lights out of my eyes, I could see his shadowed face. We were now in darkness looking down on the lit rows of chairs below.

It was like being hidden in plain sight.

‘Hi,’ he said and kissed me. Forcing his fingers into my hair, holding my head, kissing me hard. A pleasurable sound rumbled in his chest. The kiss was possessive and rough and aggressive and … perfect.

‘Hi,’ I gasped, pulling back. I sucked a deep breath into my lungs and managed, ‘I brought you food.’

‘So you said.’ His fingers zeroed in to find my nipples – hard and sensitive – through the soft, worn navy blue pullover I wore. No bra underneath so when he stroked my breast, he rubbed the cotton over my sensitive nipples and I hummed.

God, what a needy sound. But I didn’t care. ‘I did. Sandwiches, chips, soda and–’

‘Cookies.’ Fingers rushed up under my shirt and goose bumps blazed along my skin where he touched. His palm skated the flat of my belly and up between my breasts. His fingers fanned out to cover the part of my breast above my crazily beating heart.

‘Yes, cookies.’

‘Is it wrong to want you more than food right now?’ he asked, looking like some beloved villain from a comic book in the crazy light. ‘Is it wrong that all day all I’ve had in my head is the memory of fucking you?’

‘That’s not wrong,’ I managed. My tongue didn’t want to work properly when I tried to talk but when he kissed me it felt just right.

‘Good. What do we have here?’ Shepherd tugged the waistband of my leggings and they gave.

‘Stretchy pant kind of deals.’

He shoved both hands down the back and groaned when he found me bare under there too. The navy pullover was long enough to cover my hips so I’d gone without panties. ‘Take them off. One leg at least.’

‘Here? My God, we can’t,’ I said. But I was already straddling him, facing him, letting him cup my ass in his big working-man hands.

‘No one’s here.”

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US print coming August 1, 2012

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