Review: The Sinner’s Club by Kate Pearce

Title: The Sinner’s Club by Kate Pearce
The Sinner’s Club Book One
Publisher: Kensington
Imprint: Aphrodisia
Genre: Historical, Erotic, Romance, Light BDSM, M/M, M/M/F, M/F
Length: 304 pages
Book Rating: B

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It’s known as the Sinners Club. . .a private gentlemen’s club whose members have mysterious pasts and secret fantasies too hot to reveal. . .

Total Pleasure

Unsure of his reception, Jack Lennox adopts the guise of his own secretary upon returning to his ancestral home to claim his father’s earldom. When he arrives, he’s stunned to discover the previous earl’s lovely young widow, a woman of beguiling curves and sensual smiles, warming the bed. . .

Absolute Surrender

Mary Lennox is determined to remain in Pinchbeck Hall and a mere secretary isn’t going to tell her otherwise. But Jack Smith is a man of many talents and soon she’s succumbing to his erotic games of pleasure. Only Mary may have underestimated the intensity of her wanton longings and the depths of Jack’s dark desires. . .

The Review:

Kate Pearce’s spin off series, The Sinner’s Club, is off to a scorching hot beginning with Jack Lennox’s story, The Sinner’s Club. Intriguing glimpses of Jack in the last book of the House of Pleasure series left me eagerly awaiting his novel and I am thrilled to say that it was well worth the wait!

Jack Lennox is next in line to inherit the family estate and title but a few questions about the previous Earl finds him going undercover to unearth the truth. He is also asked to look into Lord Keyes disappearance (an unresolved storyline from the House of Pleasure series) and coincidentally, Keyes’ trail leads to the same vicinity. Jack visits his ancestral home in disguise and he is shocked to discover his elderly uncle was married to a beautiful young woman, Mary. Jack quickly learns that Mary is prepared to go to any lengths necessary to secure her inheritance and keep a roof over not only her head, but her brother Simon’s as well.

As a child, Jack and his impoverished father led a vagabond life. Growing up, Jack learned to use any means necessary to make enough money to survive. Working as a government agent, he utilized the same tactics in order to obtain information from his enemies. This includes trading sexual favors and when he first arrives at the family estate, Jack is more than happy to continue this practice with both Simon and Mary. When his dream of finally putting down roots remains elusive, Jack returns to London where he continues searching for answers about Mary and Simon’s past.

Mary and Simon share a very complicated history and there is much more to their relationship than meets the eye. They are carrying as much emotional baggage from their pasts as Jack and they are fiercely loyal and protective of one another. Mary and Simon are likable characters but they are difficult to get to know because their secrets are not fully divulged until the very end of the novel.

The overall story is enjoyable but it felt a little disjointed in the beginning and I kept feeling like I was missing something. About a quarter of the way in, the writing is much more cohesive and the information I thought I had originally missed about Mary and Simon is finally revealed. The second half of the novel flows more smoothly and is much easier to follow.

The sex scenes in The Sinner’s Club are explicit, exquisitely detailed and plentiful. Jack and Simon share several steamy romps and while there is not an emotional bond between them, the encounters are quite meaningful for Simon. Jack also has an intense desire for Mary and their sex scenes are passionate and extremely erotic. Jack, Mary and Simon also indulge in steamy ménages that are so sizzling hot I am surprised my eReader did not melt.

The main storyline with Jack and Mary unfolds at a leisurely pace and is fully wrapped up by the novel’s end. The secondary story arc with Lord Keyes remains tantalizingly unresolved (again!). I am also left wondering what the future might just bring for Simon as well.

The Sinner’s Club is a must read for anyone who enjoys erotic historical romances. It is a steaming hot love story that is sure to be a hit with old and new fans of Kate Pearce. This first installment of the The Sinner’s Club series is absolutely brilliant and I am eagerly anticipating the next novel.

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