Review: Dirty Deeds by SE Jakes

dirtyTitle: Dirty Deeds by SE Jakes
Dirty Deeds Series Book One
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, M/M, Romance, BDSM, Suspense
Length: 94 pages/Word Count: 21,000
Book Rating: B+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher


Two seasoned operatives finally meet their match: each other.

Cillian works for the mysterious Special Branch 20: an organization that runs black ops commissioned by the British government. His specialty is deep undercover assignments with virtually no support. He’s been alone for so long that he no longer knows anything else.

Mal’s also used to being alone. Wanted in several states and even more countries, he’s not allowed in the vicinity of any of his former Navy SEAL teammates. And his current assignment is to track Cillian in order to discover the spook’s endgame. Except he’s no longer sure which one of them is getting played.

Cillian isn’t about to let the mission that’s consumed him for the past several years crumble because an outsider is poking around where he doesn’t belong. But Mal forces his way through Cillian’s defenses—and into his heart—exposing a devastating betrayal that could destroy them both.

The Review:

In 94 deliciously sexy pages, SE Jakes delivers a scorching hot story that is full of intrigue, mystery and a bombshell so shocking I am still reeling! Dirty Deeds is the much anticipated novella that fans of the Hell or High Water series have been clamoring for. It is super sexy yet highly secretive Cillian’s story and the pairing of him with the equally enigmatic Mal is BRILLIANT!

If you are regular reader of Ms. Jakes’ novels, then you are no stranger to either Mal or Cillian. Both have had cameo appearances in previous works and the glimpses of them have been quite tantalizing. The most obvious common denominator between them is Prophet Drews. Mal is one of Prophet’s SEAL teammates and Cillian is Prophet’s downstairs’ neighbor. What brings these two men together in this explosive story is the fact that they are both pursuing John Morse. While Mal’s reason for chasing John is crystal clear, Cillian’s reason remains shrouded in mystery.

Mal and Cillian are damaged by their pasts and they keep an emotional distance from everyone around them. These two are Alpha males and the struggle for control is on right from their first encounter. Their contact is mainly through instant messaging but that anonymity works in their favor. What begins as some seriously smoking hot sexting leads to an unexpected emotional connection by both men.

In between the sexy by play, a major drama is unfolding as the hunt for John Morse intensifies. Mal and Cillian are hiding plenty of secrets but one of the revelations at the end of Dirty Deeds is absolutely shocking. SE Jakes masterfully delivers a wicked cliffhanger that is guaranteed to stun readers and leave them very impatiently awaiting the next installment in the Dirty Deeds series.

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  1. Timitra

    Thanks for the review Kathy.

  2. Nancy S

    It’s now on my wishlist. Thanks for the review.