Spotlight: Men of the Manor Edited by Rob Rosen

men manorTitle: Men of the Manor Edited by Rob Rosen
Erotic Encounters between Upstairs Lords and Downstairs Lads
Publisher: Cleis Press
Genre: Historical, Erotic, M/M, Romance
Length: 240 pages


Downton Abbey meets Upstairs, Downstairs… with enough sex to make the town vicar blush

English country houses, mystery and intrigue, sex and money—all go hand in hand in Men of the Manor, a collection of dizzyingly sexy encounters featuring randy aristocrats, eager stable boys and devoted footmen.

Does the aristocrat drop his grand manners when his manservant helps him undress? What happens behind the gilded door to a decadent party full of squiffy men on the make? And do the upstairs and downstairs chaps exchange more than pleasantries when the lamps are dimmed, the candles snuffed out and the ladies retire for the evening?

Felice Picano’s grateful houseboy writes a thank-you note to his patron, which reads like a Victorian Kinsey Report in “Folly’s Ditch.” Landon Dixon’s salacious tale of blackmail and “passing the queer” leads to mutual satisfaction in “Chauffeur’s Hole.” The new driver and an underbutler stick it up their boss’s jumper in Logan Zachary’s “Front Door, Back Door.” Rob Rosen has gathered a daring and steamy gallery of wealthy aristocrats and strappingly handsome staff for your reading pleasure.

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