Review: Ghost of a Promise by Kelly Moran

ghost promiseTitle: Ghost of a Promise by Kelly Moran
Phantoms Trilogy Book One
Publisher: Entangled: Covet
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal/Supernatural, Romance
Length: 300
Book Rating: B+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher


It might be love…but will they survive the night?

The ghosts of her family’s estate on the coast of Maine never troubled Ava Trumble. When she finally inherits the historic mansion, however, there’s a small string attached: Ava has exactly one year to solve a 200-year-old mystery of a missing girl, or lose her family’s home…

The lead investigator for paranormal TV show Phantoms, Jackson Granger, is prepared for any metaphysical encounter—until now. It’s not just the uncanny sense of “coming home” or even his reaction to the fiery redhead who seems to consume his every waking thought. No, it’s that the ghosts are using Jackson and Ava’s attraction to play out a centuries-old tragedy. Heartbreak. Loss. Overwhelming passion. Now Jackson and Ava must determine if they’re sharing something real…or if they’ve been possessed by a love that never died.

The Review:

With an intriguing mystery, an eerie ghostly presence and a sizzling hot romance, Kelly Moran’s Phantoms Trilogy is off to a spooktacular beginning with Ghost of a Promise. If you are a fan of ghost stories (or the TV show Ghost Hunters), you absolutely do not want to miss this riveting first installment in what promises to be a very spooky series about a group of paranormal investigators.

Ava Trumble is dismayed to discover that in order to inherit her great-aunt’s mansion she has to solve the mysterious disappearance of Sarah Kerrick. Sarah vanished without a trace over 200 years earlier and the family estate has been plagued with ghostly appearances and unexplained deaths ever since. While the hauntings do not bother her, Ava is genuinely interested in learning the fate of Sarah and calling in the Phantoms team is her best chance for solving the mystery.

Jackson Granger is the lead investigator for the paranormal show and he is immediately charmed by both Ava and her home. He is a bit unsettled by his unexpected feelings of familiarity upon his arrival, but he pushes his unease away as they begin their investigation. For the first time in his career, Jackson’s experiences at the estate have a personal effect on him and his surprising attraction to Ava seems to be a trigger for some of the supernatural phenomena. Pairing up to get to the bottom of the mystery, Jackson and Ava eventually give in to their desire, but will Jackson’s commitment issues and Ava’s fears prevent them from staying together once the investigation has ended?

The paranormal/supernatural element of Ghost of a Promise is absolutely outstanding. The ghostly occurrences are very spooky and rather chilling. The history of the house is quite fascinating and the mystery surrounding Sarah’s disappearance is equally spellbinding. The paranormal investigation is very well researched and fans of ghost stories will be thrilled by this aspect of the storyline.

Ghost of a Promise is a captivating start to Phantom’s Trilogy. The cast of characters is superbly developed and the plot is quite engrossing. Kelly Moran expertly weaves mystery, romance and the supernatural into a compelling story that is sure to delight readers and leave them impatiently awaiting the next novel of this marvelous series.

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2 Responses to Review: Ghost of a Promise by Kelly Moran

  1. Timitra

    Thanks Kathy

  2. Cindy DeGraaff

    Love my Ghost Hunters and TAPS team on SyFy! This sounds intriguing as a blend of romance/adventure/mystery/suspense/paranormal genres. Thanks for the review!