Review: The Kill Shot by Nichole Christoff

kill shotTitle: The Kill Shot by Nichole Christoff
Jamie Sinclair Series Book Two
Publisher: Alibi
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Thriller
Length: 289 pages
Book Rating: B

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In an explosive thriller for readers of Lee Child, Alex Berenson, and Brad Taylor, P.I. and security specialist Jamie Sinclair finds herself caught in a dangerous game of international cat-and-mouse.

Jamie Sinclair’s father has never asked her for a favor in her life. The former two-star general turned senator is more in the habit of giving his only child orders. So when he requests Jamie’s expertise as a security specialist, she can’t refuse—even though it means slamming the brakes on her burgeoning relationship with military police officer Adam Barrett. Just like that, Jamie hops aboard a flight to London with a U.S. State Department courier carrying a diplomatic pouch in an iron grip.

Jamie doesn’t have to wait long to put her unique skills to good use. When she and the courier are jumped by goons outside the Heathrow terminal, Jamie fights them off—but the incident puts her on high alert. Someone’s willing to kill for the contents of the bag. Then a would-be assassin opens fire in crowded Covent Garden, and Jamie is stunned to spot a familiar face: Adam Barrett, who saves her life with a single shot and calmly slips away. Jamie’s head—and her heart—tell her that something is very wrong. But she’s come way too far to turn back now.


The Kill Shot by Nichole Christoff is an action-filled and engrossing political thriller/mystery. This pulse-pounding second installment in the Jamie Sinclair series is a very absorbing novel with plenty of twists and turns that keep the pages turning at a blistering pace.

Jamie Sinclair is thrilled and honored when her father, a retired Army officer and senator, entrusts her with a sensitive mission escorting a State Department courier from DC to Britain and back again. With little information about the assignment or much time to prepare, Jamie and Katie deMarco set off on their journey and upon landing, they are quickly besieged by an unknown assailant. Despite Jamie’s best evasive maneuvers, the pair continue to be targeted by unknown attackers but help arrives from a very unexpected source, which just adds to Jamie’s mounting confusion about her latest case.  Stonewalled by her father’s chief of staff, Jamie relies on old college friend Philip Spencer-Dean for assistance and when her suspicions about Lt. Colonel Adam Barrett’s puzzling involvement are confirmed, Jamie utilizes his highly specialized skills as well. But, as Jamie soon discovers, the stakes are incredibly high in this extremely complex and dangerous game of political intrigue where nothing is at it appears.

Jamie is still the same very capable and tremendously talented sleuth introduced in The Kill List but her strained relationship with her father hinders her case. She is extremely flattered by his faith her in ability to protect Katie, but Jamie soon realizes that his political agenda means he has not been completely honest about what awaits her in Britain. One of Jamie’s strengths is her loyalty but this also becomes one of her greatest weaknesses where both her father and her old friend Spencer-Dean are concerned. There is enough double dealing and behind the scenes maneuvering going on that Jamie does not who to trust and she completely misses obvious clues that would have led her to the truth well before she found herself and those entrusted to her care involved in a number of life threatening and precarious situations.

The Kill Shot is another high octane adventure starring the very intrepid and highly capable Jamie Sinclair. It is an exceptionally well-written and intriguing novel and Nichole Christoff once again mystifies readers with a series of clever misdirects and plot twists. Although this latest offering easily stands on its own, I highly recommend the entire Jamie Sinclair series to fans who enjoys mysteries with a strong female lead.

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