Review: Whenever You Come Around by Robin Lee Hatcher

whenever come aroundTitle: Whenever You Come Around by Robin Lee Hatcher
A King’s Meadow Romance Series Book Two
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: Contemporary, Christian, Romance
Length: 247 pages
Book Rating: B

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Will writing a romance help this author find a real-life hero?

Charity Anderson turned her back on Kings Meadow years ago, with good reason, and has avoided visits to her hometown whenever possible. But with her house in Boise damaged by floodwaters and a book deadline bearing down, staying in her parents’ empty home seems her only option. However, being in Kings Meadow dredges up a painful secret, and old fears threaten to overwhelm her.

Charity’s former high school classmate Buck Malone never left town, instead sacrificing his dreams to take care of his family. Now he enjoys an uncomplicated life as a wilderness guide and confirmed bachelor. The last thing on his mind is settling down.

When Charity’s dog causes an accident that leaves Buck with a broken ankle and wrist at the start of prime tourist season, Charity has little choice but to render aid while he recuperates. Soon Buck becomes the inspiration for Charity’s hero, both on the page and off. Can he also help her face and overcome her fears so they might find their own happily ever after?


While there is a sweet romance in Robin Lee Hatcher’s new release, Whenever You Come Around, it is mainly a story of forgiveness and healing. This latest stop in the King’s Meadow series finds Charity Anderson returning home for the summer where she finally faces the past she has been running from for ten years. In doing so, she opens her heart for love, but before she can truly move forward, she will have to forgive herself for her past mistakes.

When Charity left King’s Meadow for college, she chose the wrong path that ended more tragically than she could possibly imagine. She has never been able to tell her parents or her sister what happened and she has avoided visits home in the intervening years. But in the past year, Charity has returned to church and she has worked hard to forgive herself for her past mistakes. She is finally ready to fall in love and marry but Charity quickly discovers her newfound peace is fragile and that forgiving herself is much easier than letting go of the guilt she still carries from those long ago events.

Charity’s former high school crush Buck Malone still lives in town and he is, in fact, her parents’ next door neighbor. Although his plans to go to college did not come to fruition, he is happy playing uncle to his brother’s kids and running his wilderness guide business. Buck decided long ago to remain a bachelor and although he has dated most of the women in town, he has never met anyone that has changed his mind.

After a mishap with Charity’s dog puts Buck out of commission for several weeks, the two end up spending quite a bit of time together as Charity helps him during his recuperation. Buck has a lot of admiration for Charity but he is puzzled by her reactions to seemingly innocuous events. Despite his best efforts to help her, she is unable to confide in him. For her part, Charity is dealing with more than her past issues. She is also in the middle of a career change due to changes with her publisher and she is having difficulty transitioning to a new genre. After a brainstorming session with her editor, she begins to view Buck differently which in turn highlights her evolving feelings for him. While Buck is beginning to rethink his future, Charity remains mired in the past and she easily panics when she feels threatened after receiving distressing news.

Whenever You Come Around is a very gentle and touching story of faith. The romance between Charity and Buck is understated but their emotions for one another ring true. King’s Meadow is close-knit and loving community and Robin Lee Hatcher once again brings the town and surrounding area vividly to life. It is another heartwarming addition to the King’s Meadow series that old and new fans are going to love.

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