Review: The Ones We Trust by Kimberly Belle

ones trustTitle: The Ones We Trust by Kimberly Belle
Publisher: MIRA
Genre: Contemporary, Literary, Fiction, Mystery/Suspense
Length: 304 pages
Book Rating: A

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A moving and evocative exploration of grief and guilt in the wake of one family’s devastating loss

When former DC journalist Abigail Wolff attempts to rehabilitate her career, she finds herself at the heart of a US army cover-up involving the death of a soldier in Afghanistan—with unspeakable emotional consequences for one family. As the story of what happened comes to light, Abigail will do anything to write it.

The more evidence she stumbles upon in the case, the fewer people it seems she can trust, including her own father, a retired army general. And she certainly never expected to fall in love with the slain soldier’s brother, Gabe, a bitter man struggling to hold his family together. The investigation eventually leads her to an impossible choice, one of unrelenting sacrifice to protect those she loves.

Beyond the buried truths and betrayals, questions of family loyalty and redemption, Abigail’s search is, most of all, a desperate grasp at carrying on and coping—and seeking hope in the impossible.


The Ones We Trust by Kimberly Belle is a poignant and emotional novel that is also quite intriguing. This sometimes heartbreaking story of redemption about an ex-journalist searching for the truth about a soldier’s death in Afghanistan is quite captivating and very moving. A thought-provoking novel that touches on some very relevant issues, it is the underlying themes of loyalty, trust and betrayal that makes it such an outstanding read.

After one of her stories ended in a horrible tragedy three years ago, Abigail Wolff walked away from her career as a journalist. Now working as a website content curator, Abigail is reluctantly drawn into investigating the person who gave her the initial information for the story that she still feels guilty about writing. At the same time, she receives an anonymous delivery containing uncensored transcripts that prove the Army is covering up the death of Zack Armstrong, an actor turned soldier who tragically died in Afghanistan. Once she realizes the implications, she takes the information to the Armstrong family who are currently embroiled in a lawsuit to uncover the truth about Zack’s death. Zack’s mom, Jean, asks Abigail to write Zack’s story while his brother Gabe, demands she stay away from the family. Curiously, Nick, the third Armstrong brother and the one person who knows more than anyone about Zack’s death since he was present when he died, is ominously silent. Finding the truth becomes even more complicated when Abigail discovers she has close personal ties to Army brass who are also involved with the case. When she begins to fall in love with Gabe, Abigail’s loyalty is tested when the people closest to her refuse to tell her the truth but betrayal comes from an unexpected source.

For Abigail, truth trumps everything and at one time, she was determined to tell it no matter the cost. But after the case that ended tragically, she not only felt guilty that was the catalyst, but she began to doubt her judgment. In the years since, she has been content to sit back and work a safe job where she can do no harm. But when one of the children from her earlier story comes forward with puzzling information about her informant, Abigail knows she has to investigate if only to satisfy her own questions about what she might have initially missed. She still has no plans to report on the story, but if she can bring peace to the family, Abigail feels compelled to uncover the truth.

When it comes to the Armstrong case, Abigail still has no interest in writing a story, but she feels the family deserves to know what the Army is hiding. She remains reluctant to become involved in the case but while she is deciding whether or not to help Jean write about Zack, Gabe has a change of heart. Unable to say no when he asks for her help, Abigail is soon immersed in discovering what happened that fateful day. When her father warns her off the case, she begins to doubt him and she becomes even more determined to learn the truth. However once she exposes what lies at the heart of the conspiracy, will Abigail lose the people she loves?

Heartrending and full of unexpected twists and turns, The Ones We Trust by Kimberly Belle is a captivating novel about love, loyalty and betrayal. Fast paced and riveting, this well-written book is ultimately uplifting and healing. An emotional and thought-provoking story of redemption and healing that I highly recommend.

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  1. Timitra

    Sounds good…thanks for the rec Kathy

  2. Thanks for the lovely words, Kathy, and thanks for sharing my book with your readers!