Friday Feature & Giveaway: Splinters by Ben Patrick Johnson

splintersTitle: Splinters by Ben Patrick Johnson
Publisher: Dreampinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Romance
Length: 200 pages


Inspired by true events, Splinters is an American family tragedy infused with love and hope.

After witnessing a horrific murder by their own mother in rural West Virginia, brilliant young Gerald and his baby sister Stephanie become orphans and find very different fates. Stephanie is quickly adopted, while Gerald languishes in a series of schools for boys. Eventually Gerald joins the Army and is recruited for intelligence work in a secret facility, where he becomes addicted to stimulants. When he gets thrown out of the Army for sexual impropriety, Gerald makes his way to Los Angeles, where he finds work as a go-go dancer and meets Aziah.

Young, gay, and Black, Aziah identifies with Gerald’s loneliness and difficulty fitting in. The two fall in love. Then Gerald’s addiction and the ghosts of his past begin to surface, and he vanishes. When Stephanie shows up in Los Angeles, she and Aziah must confront the question of whether Gerald is so far gone that he can’t recover.

Purchase Link: Dreampinner Press

Author Bio

Ben Patrick Johnson began writing at the age of five. His first essays were printed on a mimeograph machine in a church basement in St. Paul, MN and performed for his parents and whichever neighbor children he could get to sit still and listen for a few minutes. Johnson went on to pursue a career in media (after barely finishing high school) and fooled enough people in the business that, at 22, he was named Director of Production for ABC Talkradio in Los Angeles. In 1994, a difficult year as a correspondent for the TV show EXTRA cured him of any further ambitions in entertainment journalism.

Following EXTRA, Johnson self-soothed by eating lots of sheet cake late at night, sometimes in supermarket parking lots. He became a full time voice-over actor and started writing more seriously. Today, he has five novels to his credit and is the leading trailer and promo voice in Hollywood. Concurrently, Johnson has emerged as a noted social media LGBT and Human Rights activist with 300,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook. He lives with his husband Mariano and arguably too many pets on a hillside overlooking Los Angeles.

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3 Responses to Friday Feature & Giveaway: Splinters by Ben Patrick Johnson

  1. H.B.

    A new author for me. I love DSP books. Thank you for the giveaway chance =)

  2. Sandra

    Love reading true events stories for the feelings and emotions are stronger knowing that the events truly happened to someone out there. Ben is a new to me author and I wish him much success!

  3. Milica

    The premise sounds really good and looking forward to reading it…thanks for the giveaway!