Harlequin Author New Year’s Resolutions & PRINT Giveaway

Happy New Year!

While not everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions, here are what Maureen Child, Linda Ford and Teri Wilson are hoping to accomplish in 2017:

Maureen Child: The Dreaded New Year Diet. Every year it’s the same thing, and this year will be no different. With any luck, I’ll stay motivated for longer than two weeks this year!

Linda Ford: Every year I make resolutions. Some are the same ones I make every year—eat less, exercise more. Speak more kindly, be less impatient. And I honestly work to do so. Jan. 2016 I made another resolution. For years I have dreamed of renting a cabin at a nearby lake (one of my favorite places) and inviting family to join me. And I did. Two daughters and 5 granddaughters spent a week there with me. It was so much fun to share the time with them and see the daughters and granddaughters enjoying quality time together. Maybe this year I will resolve to tidy my office daily.

Teri Wilson:

have a few New Year’s Resolutions this year!

-First, I really need to clean my desk. My desk is tiny and vintage. It’s honestly too small to be really functional. I can fit my laptop on it, plus a cup of coffee. That’s it. But my desk belonged to my father when he was young, and my dad passed away when I was 13 so I can’t bring myself to part with it. Stuff tends to pile up on it, though. Things on my desk right now include a pair of ballerina flats that look like kittens, a box of Godiva chocolates, a million books and Colin Firth’s head on a stick. There are actually two of the Colin Firth thingies. (What? That’s normal. Nothing weird here.)

-This isn’t so much just a New Year’s resolution as it is writer’s resolution, but I’d love to write a romance book from every country I’ve ever visited. I love to travel, and I love to write.

-Adopt a French bulldog! I’m following at least 10 French bulldogs on Instagram! (Full disclosure: it’s probably closer to 20.) Watching Frenchie videos is how I unwind when I’m feeling stressed. Spoiler alert: there’s a French bulldog puppy in Drake Diamonds book 2, The Princess Problem.

-Start the Rory Gilmore reading list. For those who don’t know, it’s the list of every book Rory reads and/or talks about reading in all of the seasons of the Gilmore Girls. So far, I’ve barely managed to even read the list, much less all the books on it. But hey, 2017 is a new year. Anything is possible!

Title: Montana Cowboy Family by Linda Ford
Big Sky Country
Publisher: Love Inspired Historical
Genre: Historical, Romance
Length: 280 pages


Temporary Family

After discovering one of her young students has been abandoned along with his sisters, schoolteacher Sadie Young whisks them away to the safest place she knows—her own home. And when handsome cowboy Logan Marshal vows to assist her in caring for the children, she isn’t sure she wants his help…but she needs it. If she lets Logan get too close, though, he may discover the secret she’s convinced will be her ruin.

Logan Marshall isn’t looking for a family. But with the parentless children and their unflappable teacher tugging at his heart, it appears he has one—at least temporarily. The kids would like nothing better than to have a real mother and father, and with Logan slowly falling for Sadie, their deepest wishes just might come true…

Author Bio

LINDA FORD grew up devouring books and making up stories in her head, often late at night when she couldn’t sleep. But she hadn’t planned to write. Instead, she dreamed of running an orphanage. In a way, that dream came true. She married, had four homemade children, adopted 10, and lived her dream. She lives on a small ranch in western Alberta, where she can see the mountains every day. She and her husband continue to enjoy their children and grandchildren. Linda also provides care for a paraplegic, double-amputee man. She still finds a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction in creating imaginary worlds only now she does it on paper, or rather, at the computer.

Title: The Tycoon’s Secret Child by Maureen Child
Texas Cattleman’s Club: Blackmail
Publisher: Harlequin Desire
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 224 pages


A Lone Star paternity bombshell, only from USA TODAY bestselling author Maureen Child!

Texas toy mogul Wes Jackson is on the brink of a billion-dollar breakthrough—until a sinister anonymous tipster reveals Wes is a dad! Suddenly his family-friendly company is in crisis and Wes’s sole focus is finding the daughter he never knew. But confronting the child’s mother, Isabelle Graystone, means resisting a chemistry that is as fierce as ever.

Wes’s failure to commit sent Belle running five years ago. Now he’s back, making himself indispensable and stoking Belle’s deepest passions. But is his interest in her part of a bigger ploy?

Author Bio

MAUREEN CHILD is the author of more than 130 romance novels and novellas that routinely appear on bestseller lists and have won numerous awards, including the National Reader’s Choice Award. A seven-time nominee for the prestigous RITA award from Romance Writers of America, one of her books was made into a CBS-TV movie called The Soul Collector.

Title: His Ballerina Bride by Teri Wilson
Drake Diamonds Series Book One
Publisher: Harlequin Special Edition
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 224 pages


The Ultimate Pas de Deux

A Page Six Exclusive Report

Debonair Artem Drake has had tongues wagging all over New York since he became surprise CEO of Drake Diamonds. This playboy hopes to bring new life to the storied old business before those rumored bad investments sink the family ship. He’s even plucked an ambitious salesgirl out of the shadows to become the store’s new star designer. But Ophelia Rose isn’t the ingenue she seems. The swanlike beauty’s hiding a past that glimmers as bright as a Drake diamond—she once graced the stage as a professional ballerina…until she was forced to take her final curtsy and hide from the limelight. Now can Artem bring her back to center stage? Or will their glittering future together wither under the secrets of the past?

Author Bio

TERI WILSON is a novelist for Harlequin Books, Pocket Star and Tule Publishing. She is the author of Unleashing Mr. Darcy, now a Hallmark Channel Original Movie. Teri currently has two additional projects in development with the Hallmark Channel. She is also a contributing writer at HelloGiggles.com and Teen Vogue, where she writes about books and pop culture. Visit Teri at www.teriwilson.net or on Twitter @TeriWilsonauthr.


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