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Review: Almost Like Being in Love by Beth K. Vogt

Title: Almost Like Being in Love by Beth K. Vogt
Destination Wedding Series Book Two
Publisher: Howard Books
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational, Romance
Length: 384 pages
Book Rating: B+

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From the author of Somebody Like You, a RITA finalist, and one of Publishers Weekly’s top ten books of 2014, comes the story of a woman who has everything for a perfect wedding—except the groom!

Winning an all-expenses paid Colorado destination wedding might seem like a dream come true for some people—but Caron Hollister and her boyfriend Alex Madison aren’t even engaged. How is she supposed to tell him she’s won their wedding and honeymoon when he hasn’t asked her to marry him? Being “perfect for one another” seems like the absolute best reason to get married. But what if their supposedly faultless relationship is merely a safe place to protect his secrets and a way to keep their families happy? After quitting her job, Caron accepts her best friend’s offer to visit Colorado. She needs to catch her breath. Who knows, maybe visiting the destination wedding site will make a future with Alex seem like a reality.

Kade Webster just landed the biggest deal of his life with his company, Webster Select Realty, participating in the Colorado Springs Tour of Homes. He never imagined he would run into the woman who broke his heart—Caron Hollister—right when his career is taking off. Seeing her again, Kade can’t help but wonder why Caron walked away from him years ago, leaving him with no explanation. When Kade learns his home stager won’t be able to help with the Tour of Homes, he vaults past all the reasons he should stay away from Caron, and offers her a temporary job helping him on the project. This time, their relationship is purely business.

Spending time with Kade has Caron questioning everything. The man intrigues her—at times infuriates her—and reminds her of what she lost. Has she been settling for what everyone expects of her? Just because others believe she and Alex are an ideal couple, does that mean they should get married? And how can Caron say “I do” to one man when she’s wondering “what if?” about another?


Almost Like Being in Love, the second installment in Beth K. Vogt’s delightful Destination Wedding series, is a heartfelt story of change, forgiveness and ultimately, love.

Caron Hollister’s hard work and long hours have resulted in a successful career as a realtor in her father’s firm.  She and family friend Alex Madison have been dating for two years and while he has not officially popped the question, it is understood they will someday marry.  After her father makes a shocking business decision that crushes her dream of becoming a full partner in his company, she knows it is time to sever their business relationship.  Uncertain what she wants to do next, she decides to visit her best friend Margot in Colorado where Caron unexpectedly runs into her ex-boyfriend Kade Hollister.  After she returns to Florida, she is surprised by Alex’s reaction when she tells him she won a prize for destination wedding in Telluride and their once conflict free relationship begins to feel a little off balance.  A surprising temporary job offer from Kade sounds like the perfect solution to her suddenly complicated life but will working with Kade resurrect the love she once had for the ex-Army Ranger?

After a few missteps as a teenager, Caron became a dutiful daughter who wanted nothing more than to gain her father’s approval.  She tailored her extracurricular activities to please him and even as an adult, her decisions continue to reflect her need to make him happy. After she quits her job at his realty company, Caron is hurt by Alex’s lack of support which leaves her questioning their relationship.  With both her professional and personal life in turmoil, she eagerly accepts Kade’s temporary job offer but spending time with him adds to her confusion. A surprising job offer seems to be the answer to her prayers, but will Caron find the validation she has been searching for?

On the surface, Alex seems to have a perfect life.  He works for his dad and he is so easygoing that nothing seems to bother him.  However, a long ago tragedy forever altered his family and he feels helplessly trapped by his father’s expectations and the family’s long held secrets.

Kade is also scarred by events that transpired in his childhood and he has residual abandonment issues that were reinforced after his relationship with Caron ended.  With no real explanation for the break up, his feelings for her remain conflicted but it does not take long for him to realize he still loves her.  Although Kade would like nothing more than to reunite with Caron, he has no choice but to accept her decision to Florida when her job with him comes to an end.

With a gentle undercurrent of faith, Almost Like Being in Love is a heartwarming novel that deals with realistic issues that readers can easily relate to.  Caron’s indecisiveness and need for parental approval is a little frustrating but it is extremely gratifying once she begins to make decisions based on what is best for her.  Alex’s struggles with his family are heartbreaking but he finally seeks the help he needs to break free from his unhealthy relationship with his family.  Kade must decide whether or not to go after what he wants regardless of the risk to his heart.  A reflective story about love, forgiveness and  new beginnings, this newest addition to Beth K. Vogt’s Destination Wedding series can easily be read as a standalone.

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Review: Sweet Breath of Memory by Ariella Cohen

Title: Sweet Breath of Memory by Ariella Cohen
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Contemporary, Literary Fiction
Length: 400 pages
Book Rating: B+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalley


Life is in the telling.

With its tree-lined streets, vibrant downtown and curbside planters of spring bulbs, Amberley, Massachusetts, seems a good place for Cate Saunders to start over. It’s been two years since her husband, John, was killed in Iraq and life has been a struggle. Her new job as a caregiver doesn’t pay much, but the locals are welcoming. In fact, Cate has barely unpacked before she’s drawn–reluctantly at first–into a circle of friends.

There’s diner-owner Gaby, who nourishes her customers’ spirits as well as their bodies; feisty Beatrice, who kept the town going when its men marched off to WWII; wise-cracking MaryLou, as formidable as Fort Knox but with the same heart of gold; and, Sheila, whose Italian grocery is the soul of the place. As Amberley reveals itself to be a town shaped by war, Cate encounters another kindred spirit–a Holocaust survivor with whom she feels a deep connection. When revelations about John’s death threaten Cate’s newfound peace of mind, these sisters-in-arms’ stories show her an unexpected way forward. And Cate comes to understand that although we suffer loss alone, we heal by sharing our most treasured memories.


In Sweet Breath of MemoryAriella Cohen seamlessly weaves past and present into a poignant yet uplifting story of healing.

Although it has been two years since her husband John’s death in Iraq, Cate Saunders is still deeply mourning his loss.  After losing her house due to unforeseen circumstances, she accepts a job as a home health care aide in Amberley, MA.  The small town is a close-knit community of influential women who take Cate under their protective wing.  Through her new friends’ life stories, Cate finds unexpected hope but it is the unexplained discovery of Holocaust survivor’s Miriam Rosen lost diary entries that helps her heal.

Cate’s grief over John’s death is compounded by guilt and her unshakeable need to learn the truth about how he died.  Convinced she is indirectly responsible for him being in Iraq in the first place, her efforts to get answers leave her  frustrated as she is stonewalled by military leaders who refuse to give her any information about the roadside bombing that killed him.  Cate is wracked with regrets over choices she made while he was alive and she cannot help but feel like she took him for granted over the course of their marriage.  Her is interest is piqued when she discovers Amberley has been shaped by war and the strong women who tenaciously kept it alive. Interviewing the various women who have been affected by loss and tragedy over the years, Cate discovers how resilient people can be despite enduring unbearable loss and experiencing unspeakable horror.

Cate immediately becomes friends with her landlady and store owner Shelia Morazzo.  Shelia is not only a savvy business owner, but she is also Amberley’s mayor. She is hardworking but her long hours still cannot fill the void she feels over her husband’s absence nor does it ease her concerns over his latest stint as a volunteer with Doctors without Borders.  Her worry intensifies when he returns home but after getting to know Cate, Sheila finds the courage to discuss how she feels about his time away from home.

Local diner owner Gaby French is quick to welcome Cate into the circle of friends.  Gaby cannot cannot help but worry about her new friend due to her uncanny ability to “see” how deeply troubled Cate is.  While Gaby can usually help the townspeople recover from their deepest despair, she is unable to shake her guilt from a long ago tragedy that completely altered her life.  She is also hiding a secret from everyone in town and when the truth comes out, Gaby finds help from a very unexpected source.

Gruff and outspoken, MaryLou Rice is a mechanic with a heart of gold.  Although loathe to admit or show her feelings, MaryLou cares deeply for her friends and she will do just about anything for them.  With multiple divorces behind her, she is not exactly looking for love but Cate cannot resist trying her hand at a little matchmaking for the striking beauty.

Town matriarch Beatrice McLean literally kept Amberley alive during World War II after she hired the women left behind to work in her family’s store.  She also came up with inventive ways to earn money and provide food for the families during the lean wartime years.  At the war’s end, Beatrice kept the women employed instead of filling their positions with returning soldiers.  Now in her nineties, Beatrice retains her dignity as her mind and body slowly begin to yield to the ravages of time.

Although she is no longer living, Miriam Rosen’s presence is keenly felt in Amberley.  A survivor of the Lodz ghetto in Poland, she spent several years after World War II ended searching for her brothers.  When the opportunity arose to come to America, she settled in town where Beatrice hired as s clothing designer her family’s store.  Although she rarely spoke of those war torn years, Miriam recorded the atrocities she endured at the hands of the Nazis in her journal. These entries were lost in the years leading up to her death, but the pages mysteriously appear just when Cate needs encouragement most.  When Cate decides to enter a writing contest, she ties the various threads of the women’s lives together with Miriam’s wartime experiences.  But most importantly, Miriam’s story provides her with the compassion she needs to make a decision about the information she uncovers about John’s death in Iraq.

Sweet Breath of Memory is a magnificent story of friendship, resiliency and compassion that is deeply moving. This beautifully rendered debut novel by Ariella Cohen has a unique storyline and an incredible cast of multi-faceted characters that will leave an indelible mark on readers’ hearts.  A heartfelt and captivating story of hope and healing that I absolutely loved and highly recommend to fans of contemporary fiction.

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Review: Mystic Summer by Hannah McKinnon

Title: Mystic Summer by Hannah McKinnon
Publisher: Atria/Emily Bestler Books
Genre: Contemporary, Fiction
Length: 304 pages
Book Rating: B

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through Edelweiss


A chance run-in with a college boyfriend puts a young woman’s picture-perfect life in perspective in this warm-hearted and lyrical novel—from the author of The Lake Season.

Since finishing graduate school, Maggie Griffin has worked hard to build an enviable life in Boston. She’s an elementary school teacher in a tony Boston suburb, a devoted sister, and a loving aunt. With her childhood best friend’s wedding quickly approaching and her own relationship blossoming, this is the summer she has been waiting for.

But when Maggie’s career is suddenly in jeopardy, her life begins to unravel. Stricken, Maggie returns home to seaside Mystic, Connecticut, where she expects to find comfort in family and familiarity. Instead, she runs into Cameron Wilder, a young man from her past who has also returned home, and whose life has taken a turn that puts Maggie’s city struggles in harsh perspective. When tragedy strikes for Cameron, Maggie is faced with big decisions as she weighs what matters most and strives to stay true to the person she’s become.

Set against the gorgeous backdrop of a New England summer when past and present collide, Mystic Summer is a gorgeous novel about looking back, moving forward, and the beauty that blooms when fate intervenes.


With an idyllic seaside setting and a delightful cast of characters, Mystic Summer by Hannah McKinnon is a heartwarming novel of family and friendship.

Maggie Griffin’s life is going just as planned: she has a wonderful job teaching elementary school, she has a terrific boyfriend and she remains close to her family despite living out of state.  However, with her best friend (and roommate) Erika’s wedding fast approaching, Maggie cannot help but feel like everyone is moving on without her.  Just she learns her position might be eliminated due to budget cuts, Erika’s wedding hits a major snag and Maggie suggests they move the nuptials to their hometown. Needing some time away, she volunteers to oversee the wedding preparations in Mystic and soon after her arrival, Maggie runs into her old college flame, Cameron Wilder.  While she and Cameron enjoy revisiting their favorite spots and reminiscing about the past, Maggie puts off making any decisions about her future.

Maggie is loyal, kindhearted and often puts others needs in front of her own.  Although she is thrilled that Erika is marrying the man of her dreams, she knows their friendship will be forever altered.  Dreading living on her own, Maggie has put off looking for a new apartment while secretly hoping she and her boyfriend, Evan, will move in together.  While she has been perfectly content with her relationship, once she reconnects with Cameron, she begins noticing little things about Evan that irritate her. Her friends and family certainly think that Evan is the perfect man for her, but Maggie is beginning to have doubts about their future together.  After Cameron faces an unexpected crisis, Maggie cannot help but wonder if there is room for her in his life.

Despite a few serious undertones, Mystic Summer is a light-hearted read with minimal angst or drama. The characters are multi-layered and well-rounded and the situations they are dealing with are realistic and easy to relate to. An absolutely charming novel with a heartfelt and uplifting storyline that readers of contemporary fiction are sure to love.

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Review: Downtown Devil by Cara McKenna

Title: Downtown Devil by Cara McKenna
Sins in the City Series Book Two
Publisher: InterMix
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Ménage, M/M/F, M/F, M/M, Romance
Length: 347 pages
Book Rating: B+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalley


From the author of Crosstown Crush comes the second sexy novel in the trilogy that explores the illicit pleasures of ménage à trois.

At the edge of thirty, Clare is feeling restless. Even though she’s gainfully employed and pursuing her passion for photography, she can’t shake the feeling that something’s missing. Then she meets Mica. A perfect subject for her portrait exhibit, Mica is sexy, exciting, and everything Clare desires.

One night with the charismatic stranger is all it takes to leave her craving more. But the intensity Mica brings isn’t confined to the bedroom, and Clare wonders if this summer fling might turn more adventurous than she anticipated—especially as a curious energy starts to simmer between the two of them and Mica’s handsome roommate, Vaughn.

As the three-way tension mounts, Mica makes a sinful proposal. It’s an invitation Clare can’t pass up, and an erotic encounter she’ll never be able to forget. Caught up between two irresistible men, Clare is about to get all the excitement she’s been looking for—and then some….


Downtown Devil is the newest blistering hot addition to Cara McKenna’s steamy ménage à trois trilogy, Sins in the City.  This latest installment can easily be read as a standalone since the series is loosely linked by subject matter not characters (but I highly recommend Crosstown Crush as well).

On the cusp of her thirtieth birthday, Clare Geddes is a little disappointed by how few of her goals she has accomplished.  Despite having a college degree, she is working a dead end job in a call center and she has not really dated since she ended her last relationship.  Clare is an aspiring photographer and she is hopeful her latest project will be selected for a show in a local gallery.  During her lunch break at a coffee shop, she is immediately struck by one of the barista’s stunning good looks and she is elated when Mica agrees to model for her. Once their photo session is finished, they indulge in an insanely hot one night stand. Thrilled when Mica wants to see her again, Clare is taken off guard when their next hookup turns into a ménage à trois with his roommate and close friend, Vaughn Tucker.

Clare unapologetically embraces her sexuality and she is completely comfortable with the knowledge that Mica is not boyfriend material.  Although a little disappointed when she does not hear from Mica after their night together, Clare pushes thoughts of him aside as she continues working on her photo project.  When he calls her out of the blue about a week later, she is eager to hook up with him again. After Vaughn interrupts their evening together, Clare is a little uneasy with some of Mica’s suggestions, but he easily persuades her to step out of her sexual comfort zone and she revels in their raunchy encounters.

Mica is edgy, sexually adventuresome and completely lacking in social graces.  His dysfunctional childhood left an indelible mark on him and he runs from any type of commitment.  Mica knows what he wants and he is not afraid to go after it which makes him a little calculating at times.  He is emotionally distant and a little thoughtless but these traits are easy to overlook when Mica turns on the charm.

Vaughn is just as sexy as Mica but he is much more settled and considerate than his friend.  Although Mica’s behavior frustrates and irritates him, Vaughn fully understands the reasons behind his actions. The men’s longstanding friendship thrives despite their differences but Vaughn is somewhat troubled by how easily Mica can manipulate situations to suit his needs.

The sex scenes between Mica, Clare and Vaughn are scorching hot and sometimes, just a little illicit.  Although initially reluctant to act on their desires, Clare and Vaughn willingly let down their inhibitions and fully participate in Mica’s carefully orchestrated sexual adventures. There is no shortage of erotic encounters and nothing is off limits as they indulge in dirty talk, phone sex, blazing hot guy on guy action and sizzling hot threesomes that will set your eReader on fire.

Downtown Devil is an unabashedly erotic novel that is full of delectably carnal encounters but it is the surprising conclusion that will delight readers.  Despite the abundance of sex, there is room for romance and Cara McKenna exquisitely builds anticipation as Clare unexpectedly falls for one of her partners. This latest addition to the Sins in the City trilogy is incredibly steamy with a happily for now ending that is quite satisfying.

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Review: Disappearance at Devil’s Rock by Paul Tremblay

Title: Disappearance at Devil’s Rock by Paul Tremblay
Publisher: William Morrow
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense
Length: 336 pages
Book Rating: B

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through Edelweiss


A family is shaken to its core after the mysterious disappearance of a teenage boy in this eerie tale, a blend of literary fiction, psychological suspense, and supernatural horror from the author of A Head Full of Ghosts.

A Head Full of Ghosts scared the living hell out of me, and I’m pretty hard to scare,” raved Stephen King about Paul Tremblay’s previous novel. Now, Tremblay returns with another disturbing tale sure to unsettle readers.

Late one summer night, Elizabeth Sanderson receives the devastating news that every mother fears: her thirteen-year-old son, Tommy, has vanished without a trace in the woods of a local park.

The search isn’t yielding any answers, and Elizabeth and her young daughter, Kate, struggle to comprehend Tommy’s disappearance. Feeling helpless and alone, their sorrow is compounded by anger and frustration: the local and state police have uncovered no leads. Josh and Luis, the friends who were the last to see Tommy before he vanished, may not be telling the whole truth about that night in Borderland State Park, when they were supposedly hanging out a landmark the local teens have renamed Devil’s Rock.

Living in an all-too-real nightmare, riddled with worry, pain, and guilt, Elizabeth is wholly unprepared for the strange series of events that follow. She believes a ghostly shadow of Tommy materializes in her bedroom, while Kate and other local residents claim to see a shadow peering through their windows in the dead of night. Then, random pages torn from Tommy’s journal begin to mysteriously appear—entries that reveal an introverted teenager obsessed with the phantasmagoric; the loss of his father, killed in a drunk-driving accident a decade earlier; a folktale involving the devil and the woods of Borderland; and a horrific incident that Tommy believed connects them.

As the search grows more desperate, and the implications of what happened become more haunting and sinister, no one is prepared for the shocking truth about that night and Tommy’s disappearance at Devil’s Rock.


In Disappearance at Devil’s Rock by Paul Tremblay, a teenage boy goes missing and a series of strange events indicates supernatural forces may have something to do with his disappearance.

Late one night, Elizabeth Sanderson receives the phone call that every parent dreads-her thirteen year old son Tommy has vanished from a sleepover with his friends Luis and Josh.  The boys snuck out from Josh’s house with a backpack full of beer and hiked to an isolated group of rocks in nearby Borderland State Park.  Josh and Luis lost sight of Tommy and after searching for hours, the boys returned to Josh’s house with high hopes that Tommy returned without them. A widespread search turns up no sign of the missing boy and Elizabeth quickly becomes convinced that Tommy is dead after she sees what she believes is her son’s ghost.  Mystifying happenings at home and eerie sightings around the neighborhood seem to corroborate her hunch, but startling entries from Tommy’s diary take the investigation in an unexpected direction that is quickly confirmed by new revelations from Josh and Luis during subsequent interviews.  Despite this new information, Tommy’s whereabouts remain a mystery and Elizabeth holds out hope that her son might still be alive.

Living in a small town where everyone seems to know everyone, Elizabeth has no reason to distrust Tommy or his eleven year old sister Kate.  Despite the shocking call in the middle of the night, she does not think anything sinister has happened to Tommy and initially, she assumes that her son is lost somewhere in the vast park.  After searching for hours, Elizabeth is exhausted when she sees what she believes is Tommy’s ghost and she is certain her son is dead.  However, within a few days, her despair turns to hope when pages from his diary begin mysteriously appearing and reports start pouring in about strange shadows appearing in townspeople’s windows late at night. 

Initially, the boys’ late night adventure in the state park appears to be nothing but a harmless escapade.  Tommy’s early diary entries are the first indication that the friends’ summer activities were not quite as innocent as their parents believed.  After the police re-interview Josh and Luis, alarming information begins to emerge about what the friends were doing in the Borderlands.  After Elizabeth finds the remainder of Tommy’s diary passages, the horrifying truth is finally revealed, but her hopes remain high that her son will be found alive.

Although a little slow-paced, Disappearance at Devil’s Rock is a spellbinding mystery that is impossible to put down.  The characters are multi-faceted and their reactions to the various situations are completely believable. The storyline is complex and multi-layered and Paul Tremblay masterfully keeps readers guessing whether Tommy’s disappearance is the result of supernatural forces or earthly foul play. A chilling, suspense-laden mystery that I highly recommend to fans of the genre.

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Review: Field of Graves by J.T. Ellison

Title: Field of Graves by J.T. Ellison
Taylor Jackson Series Book Eight
Publisher: MIRA
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery
Length: 368
Book Rating: B

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalley


With FIELD OF GRAVES, New York Times bestselling author J.T. Ellison goes back to where it all began…

All of Nashville is on edge with a serial killer on the loose. A madman is trying to create his own end-of-days apocalypse and the cops trying to catch him are almost as damaged as the killer. Field of Graves reveals the origins of some of J.T. Ellison’s most famous creations: the haunted Lieutenant Taylor Jackson; her blunt, exceptional best friend, medical examiner Dr. Samantha Owens; and troubled FBI profiler Dr. John Baldwin. Together, they race the clock and their own demons to find the killer before he claims yet another victim. This dark, thrilling and utterly compelling novel will have readers on the edge of their seats, and Ellison’s fans will be delighted with the revelations about their favorite characters.


Field of Graves by J.T. Ellison is a riveting addition to the Taylor Jackson series.  This enthralling mystery is a prequel that provides readers with an insightful peek into the background of Lt. Jackson and Dr. John Baldwin.

Taylor is a hardworking detective whose meteoric rise through the ranks is well deserved.  Having recently returned to duty following her self-defense shooting of a fellow officer, she is still struggling with nightmares and the occasional panic attack.  When someone begins murdering young college women, Taylor and her team work around the clock to capture the person responsible for the deaths. 

The evidence recovered from the victims’ bodies is puzzling but it is unique enough to link the crimes together and the police soon fear a serial killer is on the loose.  FBI profiler John Baldwin joins the investigation as a consultant, but he is battling his own demons from a case that went horribly wrong several months earlier.  When another body is discovered and they learn another young woman is missing, Taylor, John and the rest of the investigators finally uncover the link between the victims but will they find the catch the killer before it is too late?

While Taylor has the unconditional support of her boss and her team of detectives, she is well aware that other members of law enforcement are not so forgiving.  She is still wrapping up the final details stemming from the shooting and the corruption case she uncovered. With a grand jury appearance looming over her, Taylor focuses her full attention on the troubling murders.   The dump site has been elaborately staged and it is apparent the killer performed some of ritual on the body. The cause of death is equally disturbing and Taylor is stymied as she tries to understand the possible motive for the murders. While she welcomes John’s assistance, she is afraid his baggage might interfere with his ability to put together a viable profile of the killer.

Deeply depressed for months and drinking heavily while contemplating his next move, John is not exactly jumping at the opportunity to help solve the case.  His reluctance to join the investigation slowly disappears as he becomes intrigued by the various elements of the murders.  Taylor is quick to notice how deeply troubled he is and she does not hesitate to confront him about some of his behavior.  Much to her surprise, John is soon fully immersed in the case and as they are closing in on the killer, he is able to accurately piece together the reasons for the murders.

Field of Graves by J.T. Ellison is a compelling police procedural that has an unusual storyline and a multi-faceted cast of characters. Although initially a little slow paced, the novel quickly builds up steam and hurtles to a rather dramatic and pulse-pounding conclusion.  Although this latest release is the eighth book in the Taylor Jackson series, it can easily be read as standalone. I highly recommend this outstanding mystery to fans of the genre.

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