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Review: Buyout-A Love Story by Dev Bentham

Title: Buyout-A Love Story by Dev Bentham
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Erotic, Romance
Length: 69 pages/Word Count: 24,111
Book Rating: B+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by the Author


Everyone deserves a second chance. Or do they? Sean and Martim fell in love at Harvard. Things broke apart when Martim fell into a downward spiral of addiction after his father died. Sean kicked him out but has regretted it ever since. He’s never gotten over losing Martim. But then, not many aspects of his life have lived up to his collegiate dreams.

When he’s sent to evaluate Martim’s family hotel for foreclosure, Sean is once again in the position to put Martim out on the street. In the time since they parted, Martim has pulled himself together, although both health and financial problems linger as a result of his years as an addict. Can the two men bridge the gap of distance and time to rekindle their relationship, or will they fall apart again under the burdens of guilt and disease?

Set in Lisbon, Portugal, this is the story of lovers reunited after more than a decade apart, and their second chance at romance.


Buyout-A Love Story by Dev Bentham is a beautifully written second chance at love romance.

Sean Williams has never quite recovered from losing Martim Sabido. Ten years after their romance came to a regrettable end, he has a successful career but no one to share his life with. When his job brings him face to face with Martim, he quickly realizes that he has never quite gotten over him and Sean dreads the task his boss has given him: begin foreclosure proceedings on Martim’s family business. Over the next days, the men reconnect and begin the process of healing the wounds from their long ago past, but can Sean destroy the business that means so much to Martim and his beloved aunt?

The timing could not be more perfect for Sean and Martim to meet again.  Martim has finally conquered his addictions and he has no problem expressing his regret for the sorrow and pain that he brought to Sean. Sean has just realized that he is still trying to atone for what he did to Martim all those years ago. Deciding to temporarily ignore the looming foreclosure, Sean and Martim’s first attempt to connect on a more personal level is fraught with tension.  However, their lingering feelings and intense attraction give them the impetus they need to try to heal the rift between them.  Will Martim’s final revelation destroy the progress they have made in repairing their fractured relationship? And will Sean follow through with his boss’s instructions to foreclose on Martim’s property?

Buyout-A Love Story by Dev Bentham is a heartwarming romance than fans of the genre do not want to miss.  The characters are endearing with true to life flaws and imperfections.  Sean and Martim’s reunion is free from angst and their attempts to resolve their issues are realistically portrayed.  A sweet yet sensual second chance at love romance that is fast-paced and engaging with an absolutely heartfelt conclusion that will melt readers’ hearts.

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Review: Nachos & Hash by Brandon Witt

Title: Nachos & Hash by Brandon Witt
Mary’s Boys Series Book One
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Erotic, Romance
Length: 105 pages/Word Count:33,908
Book Rating: B

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by the Author


A Mary’s Boys Novella

Darwin Michaels is living his dreams in the Mile High City. While Denver offers the perfect job, scrumptious dining, and whirlwind dating options, Darwin is losing hope he’ll find the right man to spark his interest for more than a one-night stand—until he sets eyes on Cody Russell.

Cody has just accomplished his life’s goal—get the hell out of Kansas. In one fell swoop, he lands a job at Hamburger Mary’s and gets a newfound family and the chance to be with other gay people! All that’s missing is someone special. But when Darwin shows his interest, Cody is sure it’s too good to be true. After all, what can Darwin possibly see in the high school dropout serving him nachos?

As Darwin falls in love, Cody struggles to realize his worth. When his past threatens the fragile life he is building, Cody spirals into a moment of dark desperation. But Darwin is determined to show Cody that love and family and home are there for him… will Cody accept what is offered?


Nachos & Hash is an emotional yet sensual beginning to Brandon Witt’s Mary’s Boys series.  This first outing pairs up Darwin Michaels with Cody Russell and the resulting love story is guaranteed to warm readers’ hearts.

Although he is only in his mid twenties, Darwin Michaels is at the point in his life where he is ready to settle down.  His latest date is another in a long line of disappointments and he has decided to temporarily stop dating when Cody Russell catches his eye.  Darwin is rather smitten with Cody, but when Cody disappears after they spend a very hot night together, he is not quite certain what his next move should be.  Luckily for him, he has two good friends who push him out of his comfort zone just long enough for him to arrange another date with Cody.  Although their sweet romance has a bit of a rocky start, things are going well until someone from Cody’s past reappears and threatens to destroy the happy life he has begun to piece together.

Darwin is at a good place in his life.  He knows what he wants and although a relationship seems to be just beyond his reach, he is willing to wait until the right person comes along.  He has a good relationship with his parents and they are quite supportive of him.  However, Darwin has not always be as self-assured as he is now so it does not take long for him to realize that Cody is struggling with the same insecurities that once plagued him.

Cody has achieved his dream of leaving his family and small town behind and he is quite happy with the new life he is building.  While he has plenty of sexual experience,  Cody is a total stranger to emotional intimacy so he initially does not understand that Darwin wants a real relationship with him.   He has low self-esteem which leads to a few misunderstandings between him and Darwin. His low self-worth makes him particularly vulnerable to his family’s disapproval so it is not too surprising that his reaction to his father’s vitriol is so extreme.

Nachos & Hash is a novella so a lot of Cody and Darwin’s relationship takes place off scene. Readers see a nice compilation of moments from their romance including some of their sexy times, cute dates and miscommunications. The chapters alternate between the two men’s perspectives which provides an in-depth view of their thoughts, expectations and insecurities. The story moves at a fast pace and while this does not have a negative impact on Darwin and Cody’s romance, some elements late in the story do feel a little glossed over.

Nachos & Hash by Brandon Witt is a quick read with lovable characters and a sweet but steamy romance.  A very enjoyable first installment in the Mary’s Boys series which will leave readers eagerly awaiting the release of the next book in the series.

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Review: Not a Game by Cardeno C.

Title: Not a Game by Cardeno C.
Friends Series Book One
Publisher: The Romance Authors, LLC
Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Erotic, Romance
Word Count: 55,866
Book Rating: B

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by the Author


An accidental meeting and a misunderstanding lead to a life-altering connection.

A new job, a new city, and hopefully a new life. When chubby gamer Oliver Barnaby receives a job offer from the best boutique game developer in the country, he leaves his family and his less than spectacular existence in Oklahoma without a second’s hesitation. Determined to change more than his career and his geography, Oliver implements a plan to finally land a boyfriend. Step one is improving his skills in the bedroom.

A life that looks perfect on paper, but feels empty in reality. Attractive, successful, charismatic Jaime Snow has a life other people envy. His already booming business is growing. He isn’t lacking in friends. And he has no trouble finding a date. But there’s an emptiness in Jaime’s heart and a hole in his life that only the right man can fill.

An accidental meeting, a misunderstanding, and falling in love. When Oliver and Jaime end up at the same bar at the same time, they each see something they want in the other. Going to bed together that first night is easy. Building the lifetime relationship they both desperately crave will require trust, time, and a little misunderstanding.


Not a Game by Cardeno C. is a scorching hot, conflict-free erotic romance.

Having recently moved from OK to WA for a new job, Oliver Barnaby is determined to make some much needed changes to his life.  With plenty of insecurities and not much confidence due to some unkind remarks by his ex-boyfriend, he makes a surprising decision that he hopes will provide him the experience and confidence he needs to jump start his non-existent love life.  He also plans to make an effort to make friends but he is uncomfortable around people he does not know so he focuses on improving his sex life first.  Oliver is quite smitten with the new man in his life, Jaime Snow, but due to the circumstances in which they first meet, he finds it difficult to believe Jaime is truly interested in him.

Jaime is pretty much everything Oliver is not.  He is in great shape and he is quite self-assured.  He has been in a long term relationship and although he and his ex split up several years earlier, he has not met the right man to spend the rest of his life with.  He is instantly attracted to Oliver and he is quite patient with his new lover as he helps him overcome his self-doubts.  Jaime is quick to assure him that his interest is sincere and Jaime bides his time as he waits for the right time to clear up Oliver’s misconception about his true identity.

Initially, Jaime and Oliver’s relationship is mostly physical so there are plenty of explicit sex scenes between them.  But there is also little doubt that they genuinely like each other and there are a host of feelings simmering beneath their passionate encoutners.  Although Oliver does become much more comfortable with his appearance, he remains uncertain that Jaime’s interest in him is real.  Jaime does not help the situation by continuing to keep important information to himself even though his reasons for remaining silent are understandable.  Once Oliver finally figures out the truth, his reaction is a tiny bit unrealistic but refreshingly free of unnecessary drama.

Not a Game by Cardeno C. is a sinfully sexy erotic gay romance.  The characters are wonderfully developed, delightfully imperfect and infinitely appealing.  The storyline is engaging and provides a positive message about body image.  A fast-paced and enjoyable love story that will leave readers impatiently awaiting the next installment in the Friends series.


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Review: Downtown Devil by Cara McKenna

Title: Downtown Devil by Cara McKenna
Sins in the City Series Book Two
Publisher: InterMix
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Ménage, M/M/F, M/F, M/M, Romance
Length: 347 pages
Book Rating: B+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalley


From the author of Crosstown Crush comes the second sexy novel in the trilogy that explores the illicit pleasures of ménage à trois.

At the edge of thirty, Clare is feeling restless. Even though she’s gainfully employed and pursuing her passion for photography, she can’t shake the feeling that something’s missing. Then she meets Mica. A perfect subject for her portrait exhibit, Mica is sexy, exciting, and everything Clare desires.

One night with the charismatic stranger is all it takes to leave her craving more. But the intensity Mica brings isn’t confined to the bedroom, and Clare wonders if this summer fling might turn more adventurous than she anticipated—especially as a curious energy starts to simmer between the two of them and Mica’s handsome roommate, Vaughn.

As the three-way tension mounts, Mica makes a sinful proposal. It’s an invitation Clare can’t pass up, and an erotic encounter she’ll never be able to forget. Caught up between two irresistible men, Clare is about to get all the excitement she’s been looking for—and then some….


Downtown Devil is the newest blistering hot addition to Cara McKenna’s steamy ménage à trois trilogy, Sins in the City.  This latest installment can easily be read as a standalone since the series is loosely linked by subject matter not characters (but I highly recommend Crosstown Crush as well).

On the cusp of her thirtieth birthday, Clare Geddes is a little disappointed by how few of her goals she has accomplished.  Despite having a college degree, she is working a dead end job in a call center and she has not really dated since she ended her last relationship.  Clare is an aspiring photographer and she is hopeful her latest project will be selected for a show in a local gallery.  During her lunch break at a coffee shop, she is immediately struck by one of the barista’s stunning good looks and she is elated when Mica agrees to model for her. Once their photo session is finished, they indulge in an insanely hot one night stand. Thrilled when Mica wants to see her again, Clare is taken off guard when their next hookup turns into a ménage à trois with his roommate and close friend, Vaughn Tucker.

Clare unapologetically embraces her sexuality and she is completely comfortable with the knowledge that Mica is not boyfriend material.  Although a little disappointed when she does not hear from Mica after their night together, Clare pushes thoughts of him aside as she continues working on her photo project.  When he calls her out of the blue about a week later, she is eager to hook up with him again. After Vaughn interrupts their evening together, Clare is a little uneasy with some of Mica’s suggestions, but he easily persuades her to step out of her sexual comfort zone and she revels in their raunchy encounters.

Mica is edgy, sexually adventuresome and completely lacking in social graces.  His dysfunctional childhood left an indelible mark on him and he runs from any type of commitment.  Mica knows what he wants and he is not afraid to go after it which makes him a little calculating at times.  He is emotionally distant and a little thoughtless but these traits are easy to overlook when Mica turns on the charm.

Vaughn is just as sexy as Mica but he is much more settled and considerate than his friend.  Although Mica’s behavior frustrates and irritates him, Vaughn fully understands the reasons behind his actions. The men’s longstanding friendship thrives despite their differences but Vaughn is somewhat troubled by how easily Mica can manipulate situations to suit his needs.

The sex scenes between Mica, Clare and Vaughn are scorching hot and sometimes, just a little illicit.  Although initially reluctant to act on their desires, Clare and Vaughn willingly let down their inhibitions and fully participate in Mica’s carefully orchestrated sexual adventures. There is no shortage of erotic encounters and nothing is off limits as they indulge in dirty talk, phone sex, blazing hot guy on guy action and sizzling hot threesomes that will set your eReader on fire.

Downtown Devil is an unabashedly erotic novel that is full of delectably carnal encounters but it is the surprising conclusion that will delight readers.  Despite the abundance of sex, there is room for romance and Cara McKenna exquisitely builds anticipation as Clare unexpectedly falls for one of her partners. This latest addition to the Sins in the City trilogy is incredibly steamy with a happily for now ending that is quite satisfying.

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Review: Exposure by Kelly Moran

exposureTitle: Exposure by Kelly Moran
Publisher: KDP
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Suspense
Length: 264 pages
Book Rating: C+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by the Author


The greatest pleasure comes from losing control…

Noah Caldwell has spent ten years biding his time for the chance to tell his best friend Raven Crowne the truth. He wants her. With the threat that brought him to her in the first place finally behind him, they begin a hot affair he’s only dreamt about. And reality is far better than fantasy. Yet beautiful Raven has her own dark history, one he’s trying desperately to release from her. But as their passion deepens and turns into more, his past rises up from the shadows to claim one last victim…and Noah could lose the only person he can’t live without.


Exposure by Kelly Moran is an erotic romance with suspense elements.

Raven Crowne and Noah Caldwell have been best friends for the past ten years. Raven worked hard to escape from her humble beginnings and she is the owner of a thriving art gallery. She has some pretty serious trust issues and she has never been in a long term romantic relationship. Noah is über wealthy and runs a successful outdoor adventure company. On paper, he seems to be an open book, but Noah is keeping a few secrets and Raven is flabbergasted when he confesses a long term attraction to her. His other secrets are not quite as innocuous and could put them both in danger.

When the novel first opens, Raven is excited at the prospect of featuring one of her favorite photographers at her gallery. His identity is shrouded in mystery since he eschews any type of publicity. Raven is a little stunned to discover he is also the person responsible for cryptic (and, in my opinion, creepy) messages she has been receiving for the past several years. Her curiosity about him overshadows her fear and she is quick to agree to meet with him. Needless to say, Raven is nervous but eager to meet him and she is in for the shock of her life once they finally come face to face.

The attraction between Noah and Raven is mutual and while she is initially hesitant to accept his proposal, she finally agrees to spend a month exploring their desire. She has deep rooted issues that she has worked around and admitting these idiosyncrasies is not easy. Considering how much of his private life Noah kept hidden from her, it is pretty surprising she feels comfortable revealing her darkest secrets to him. Their sex scenes are highly graphic, detailed and quite plentiful. While there is no denying the explosive attraction between them, their overall romance seems to lack an emotional connection.

The suspense element of the storyline is a little underwhelming. Although Noah quickly learned his past was not quite as settled as he first thought, he never considers cancelling his plans with Raven. This seemed a little out of character since he had protected Raven by keeping this part of his life separate from her for so many years. It also seemed a little odd that Raven easily dismissed her suspicions about a prospective client even after she became aware of Noah’s past.

Exposure by Kelly Moran is a well written friends to lovers erotic novel. The characters are well-developed with realistic flaws and imperfections. While some aspects of the storyline are refreshingly unique, others are quite easy to predict. All in all, a sizzling hot romance that fans of the genre will enjoy.

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Review: Jesse’s Diner by Cardeno C.

jesses dinerTitle: Jesse’s Diner by Cardeno C.
Hope Series Book Two
Publisher: The Romance Authors
Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Erotic, Romance
Length: 112 pages/Word Count: 30,00
Book Rating: B

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by the Author


Two men with a shared history and a mutual attraction must be honest with themselves and each other so both their dreams come true.

Quiet, unassuming Tanner Sellers spends his time running a diner in Hope, Arizona. Not particularly social, twenty-two-year-old Tanner keeps to himself and enjoys his simple life, but he longs for someone to call his own. In his most secret fantasy, that someone is sexy Steve Faus. But Steve is his friend’s father and mentor’s widower and therefore off-limits.

Despite some challenges, thirty-nine-year-old Steve Faus has had a good life. He’s extremely successful at work, has a great relationship with his college-age son, and lives in a wonderful town. Eighteen months after losing his partner, the one thing Steve lacks is someone to share his life. If Steve is honest with himself, that someone is the young man he has known and cared about for years. Steve and Tanner want one another, all they need is a little push in the right direction to make both their dreams come true.


Jesse’s Diner by Cardeno C. is a heartwarming May/December romance that is delightfully angst free. This sweet yet steamy addition to the Hope series can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend the entire series.

Although Tanner Sellers is endearingly shy and a tad socially awkward, he successfully runs the diner he inherited from his mentor and friend, Jesse. Now his best friend Mike (Jesse’s son) is attending college out of state, Tanner keeps to himself and concentrates on his business. But when Mike asks him to check on his widowed dad, Steve, Tanner eagerly agrees. Tanner has harbored a secret crush on Steve for years and although delighted to spend time with him, he is initially nervous and tongue-tied.  But as the weeks pass, so does his anxiety and as he finally gets to know Steve, Tanner begins to see him as more than the object of his fantasies.

Despite being good friends with Jesse and his long time attraction to Steve, Tanner really does not know much about him. Steve easily opens up to him about his life before moving to Hope and the circumstances that brought him and Jesse together. His honesty is refreshing and when Tanner misses his subtle attempts to flirt with him, Steve does not hesitate to tell him that his feelings run deeper than friendship. Steve is gentle and patient with Tanner as they transition from friends to lovers and their romance is a wonderful blend of scorching hot love scenes and low key quiet times. With a welcome lack of drama, misunderstandings and miscommunications, their relationship is a warm, comfortable romance that is quite enjoyable to watch unfold.

Jesse’s Diner by Cardeno C. is a heartfelt and engaging novella that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy.  A quick read that is uplifting and satisfying, this second installment in the Hope series will leave readers impatiently awaiting the next book in this marvelous series.

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