Contest Winners

Instead of contest individual contest winner posts, contest winners for the various giveaways at Book Reviews & More by Kathy will be announced here.

***Note: Winners are contacted by e-mail and if I am sponsoring the eBook Giveaway, the eBook is included in the notification e-mail. For print copy contests, I contact the winner by e-mail requesting a mailing address so I can mail the prize within 1 to 2 days. If I am not providing the prize but I am choosing the winner, I contact the winners to let them know they won and to be on the lookout for an e-mail for the author with their prize.***

Winning Wednesday eBook Giveaway- Didi (Hot for the Fireman), Yolanda (Lost in You) & Shirley Ann (Strays)
Saturday Series Spotlight Giveaway- Angie (Forever Mine)
The Enemies of Versailles Print Giveaway- Christina
Winning Wednesday eBook Giveaway- Angeles (Loose Cannon), Joanne (Other Breakable Things) & Anita (Fighting for Love
Saturday Series Spotlight Giveaway- Karl (Off Base)
Gone Without a Trace Print Giveaway- Lynn R
Winning Wednesday eBook Giveaway- Trinitee (Forbidden Kisses), Christine (Dancing in the Rain) & Ilona (Wake Up Call)
Saturday Series Spotlight Giveaway- Trix (Twist)
Winning Wednesday eBook Giveaway- Booklady (Tangled in Sin), Ruth (A Charmed Little Lie) & Susana (How to Bang a Billionaire)
Saturday Series Spotlight Giveaway-