Dead Silent by Shirley Wells

Title: Dead Silent by Shirley Wells
A Dylan Scott Mystery
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery
Length: 80,000 words
Book Rating: B

Review Copy Obtained from Publisher Through NetGalley


Ten months ago, Samantha Hunt set off for work…and was never seen again.

Despite the statistics of cold cases, Dylan Scott wants to believe the young woman’s alive—and not just because her father, his client, is desperate to find his missing daughter before he dies of cancer. By all accounts Sam was a lovely girl, devoted to her younger stepsisters, well-liked at her work, in love with her boyfriend.

But as usual not everything is as it seems in sleepy Dawson’s Clough. Sam’s boyfriend has a violent past. She may have been having an affair with her boss. And Dylan can’t shake the feeling that her stepfather is hiding something. Meanwhile, someone is trying to scare Dylan off the case.

Who wanted to silence Sam, and why? The truth turns out to be worse than anyone expected…

The Review:
Dead Silent is the compelling second novel in Shirley Wells British detective series starring Dylan Scott.

Dead Silent picks up right where Presumed Dead left off as Dylan begins his investigation into Samantha Hunt’s disappearance. Dylan’s investigation takes him back to Dawson’s Clough where he doggedly interviews Samantha’s family, friends and co-workers. With the assistance of friend and former co-worker Frank Willoughby, Dylan slowly pieces together the horrifying truth to Sam’s disappearance.

Many of the key elements of Presumed Dead are present in Dead Silent. Dylan is still estranged from his wife, Bev. He maintains his love/hate relationship with his quirky yet likeable mother, Vicky. He enjoys an easygoing and loving relationship with his son, Luke. The difference lies in Dylan’s attitude and the dynamics between him and Bev. His demeanor toward Vicky is softer but still retains the biting humor that was so enjoyable in Presumed Dead.

Dead Silent is an engrossing and spellbinding mystery that is full of surprises. It is an engaging story with an assortment of unexpected and interesting subplots. With a wide variety of startling twists and turns, Shirley Wells brings Dead Silent to a stunning and unanticipated conclusion that is guaranteed to shock her readers.

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