Tucker’s Crossing by Marina Adair

Title: Tucker’s Crossing by Marina Adair
Sweet Plains, Texas
Publisher: eKensington
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Word Count: 105,000
Book Rating: C+

Review Copy Obtained from Publisher Through NetGalley


Sweet Plains, Texas, wasn’t so sweet to Cody, Noah, and Beau Tucker. But now the Tucker boys are men, ready to take on the questions that have haunted them since they left home. . .

Cody Tucker shook the dust of his two-bit hometown off his boots ten years ago–right about the time his college sweetheart, Shelby Lynn Harris, married his so-called best friend. But when his dad dies, Cody finds himself home again and knee deep in the past. Except now his rowdy beer buddy is the sheriff, his housekeeper is a blue-ribbon chili chef, and the family ranch is in the red. The only thing that hasn’t changed is Shelby Lynn…

Shelby Lynn has gone through a lot of heartache thanks to Cody. But that’s all over now. She just wants a chance to live the life she’s made for herself in peace. The trouble is, the Sweet Plains chili cook off is heating up, the Ladies of Sweet are as riled as hornets, and as soon as Cody gets near, she’s forgets all about peace. Cody is pure temptation–and she knows just how good it feels to give in…

The Review:

Tucker’s Crossing by Marina Adair is a sweet reunited lovers romance. Cody Tucker’s return to Sweet Plains brings him face to face with Shelby Lynn Harris, the woman who broke his heart ten years ago.

Shelby Lynn Harris and Cody Tucker have experienced more than their fair share of heartache in their lives. While both of them carry the wounds of their dysfunctional childhoods, Cody’s was the most traumatic and he keeps his emotions and life tightly under control.

Cody and Shelby Lynn’s reunion is full of unresolved issues. Past betrayals continue to be a source of friction in their present day relationship. The tension between Cody and Shelby Lynn is intense with a lack of communication and trust playing a big role in their inability to move forward. There is so much internal and external conflict, it is almost exhausting to read. Their emotions fluctuate between love and hate, often in the same scene, which makes for some confusing reading.

The secondary cast of characters is quite colorful and well drawn. Ms. Adair brings the town of Sweet Plains vividly to life. The glimpses of Cody’s brothers are quite intriguing and I am looking forward to reading their stories. Equally fascinating is the relationship between Shelby Lynn’s friend Gina and Sheriff Logan Miller and I am eager to see how their relationship plays out.

All in all, Tucker’s Crossing is an entertaining and sexy romance. It is a fabulous beginning to a promising new series and I cannot wait to see what Marina Adair has planned for the residents of Sweet Plains.

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3 Responses to Tucker’s Crossing by Marina Adair

  1. Timitra

    Sounds good…thanks Kathy!

  2. Landry

    It looks like an enjoyable read. Thanks for bringing to my attention.