Snowbound Love Blog Hop & Contest

After living in Idaho, Alaska and South Dakota, I was expecting… a whole lot less snow and warmer temperatures once we moved to New Mexico. Umm, much to my surprise (and dismay), it not only gets cold here, but it also snows!

Fortunately, it took winter a lot longer to find us this year so I was able to enjoy some pretty nice weather before the snow began to fly. And now that the temperatures have dropped, I have the perfect excuse to stay inside, snuggle up with a warm quilt and read a good book!

Are a snow baby? Or would you rather head to the tropics until spring? One lucky commenter will receive a $5.00 gift certificate from Amazon or Barnes & Noble (Winner’s Choice). Contest ends 10 PM mountain time Sunday January 13th

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32 Responses to Snowbound Love Blog Hop & Contest

  1. Eileen

    I think I want to be warm in the winter and a tropical destination to live is looking good to me right now. I spent a few days in Florida last month and it was in the 80’s. THAT was nice. Now I see why people move there for their retirement. Looks like i need to rethink where I want to retire.

  2. Mel Bourn

    Being in the snow and cold is just what my husband love. I, on the other hand, would much prefer the warm…so we have settled in the middle…Southern Illinois. He gets his snow, cold and ice a few time, and I get my sweltering heat a few time. It works for us.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  3. laurie g

    I think I want to be warm in the winter and a tropical destination to live is looking good to me right now

  4. Annette

    I do like the snow but not the bitter cold. I like warm weather but not the humidity. So, why do I live in Illinois??? I would love to find my ideal place. Any ideas? Thanks for the Hop, Kathy!

  5. tara mills

    i stay in also outta the snow and cold ,, nothing like curled up in the corner of the couch with the favorite throw

  6. Ellen Thompson

    I am usually glad to get some cooler weather in the winter after the heat of a Texas summer but if it is too cold for too long, I do not like it much. The good thing about snow here is that we just get to stay home and play because nobody knows how to drive in it. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    thompsonem3 at aol dot com

  7. elaing8

    I’m Canadian..enough 😉 So I want to be in the tropics.Its too cold here and already we’ve had record amounts of snow. I want a beach. And not be in layers :'(

  8. Angie M

    Please, girlfriend! If I could go to the tropics, I would! I moved to Texas partly because I was sick of Michigan winters. But surprise, it snows here too! Not as much and not as long but I get cranky every time! But it is a good excuse to stay inside and read!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Having been born and raised in the tropics, I can assure you it it NOT warm but extremely hot and unless you are going to live at the beach in a bikini you’ll want to stay inside with the a/c cranked up. I’ve always said, “At least in the cold you can bundle up but in the heat you can’t walk around nekkid” 😛
    So it’s the cold for me.


  10. Jess1

    Actually, I would prefer something in between since I wouldn’t like to live where it snows or where it gets too humid. But if I had choose, I guess it would be the tropics.

  11. Trix

    I prefer colder temperatures to extreme heat, but I’ve never spent much time in the snow! So, a tepid beach climate would be okay…

  12. Cassandra Hicks

    I’m definitely not a snow baby lol
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  13. rubyswan


  14. Joanne B

    I’d rather be someplace warm(not hot). I don’t mind the cold or even a little snow, but I hate the feet that we get. There’s usually snow on the ground from Nov. until May.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. Petula Winmill

    I already follow you on f b. Tw and goodreads. Please put me in the mix.

  16. Kelsey Summer

    Send me to the tropics. I live in New England, but I despise the snow and cold weather. I start complaining in September and don’t stop until June.


  17. Urbanista

    I love four seasons, and I love snow. I used to live in Ling Beach, Ca. No, and, no. I went to Texas for Christmas, it was 70 degrees. No, no, and no. Snow when I got home. Yes!

  18. Sherry

    Tropical destination all the way for me! I hate winter, snow and cold.

  19. Joy F

    Love the cold, hate the eat. Thanks for the hop.

  20. Karina

    Emm.. I love both.. unless it is too cold or too hot. I love snow ans sun but if it is too much then it’s too much 😀
    thanks 🙂