eBook Contest 2/6/13

Here are the eBooks for this week’s Winning Wednesday contest:

Title: Hard Ridin’ by Em Petrova
Country Fever Series Book One
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Red Hots!!, Menage & More
Length: Category


One man by day, the other by night. With cowboys this hot, who needs sleep?

Country Fever, Book 1

Eight months after her lover, Holden, went off to join the Alaskan fishing fleet, Laurel gave up on him and soothed her broken heart by focusing on her dream of owning a small organic farm. Now her crop is growing—and so are her feelings for Jens, the hunky rancher who owns the land she’s tending.

Behind her affection for Jens, though she hides a secret: she still aches for Holden. If Jens knew she once loved his best friend, she fears he’ll walk out on her, too.

When Holden returns to find his girl in Jens’s arms, he’s nearly crippled with jealous rage. And with fear that she’ll run away from them both unless they figure out a solution—fast. It’s Jens who comes up with the crazy-hot idea to share her.

As their three-way dance of seduction heats up, the sexual and emotional barriers fall like dominos. But now it’s Jens who’s holding onto a secret. One that could not only destroy their tenuous bond, but leave them all without a home.

Product Warnings: Contains two sexy cowboys who want the same woman; and, in winning her heart, they discover a steaming-hot attraction for each other.

Title: Worth Everything by Karen Erickson
Worth It Series, Book Four
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: Novel


Can two lost souls find their way to love?

Worth It, Book 4

Anastasia Renaldi’s life is a complete lie. Disinherited from the family fashion-accessory business and informed she’s the illegitimate daughter of the famous—and long-dead—Michael Worth of Worth Luxury, she has no one to turn to. No real family, no job, no identity to claim. Lost and confused, she turns to the one man who can help her obtain what is rightfully hers.

Attorney Gavin Westmore is hired to discover the truth. Does Stasia Renaldi have a stake to claim in the Worth empire? From the moment he meets her, Gavin knows what sort of woman Stasia is. Calculating, devious—she won’t let anything or anyone get in the way of her pursuit of a fortune. As long as he can collect his generous fee, he’s fine with it.

But Gavin soon discovers his perception of Stasia is wrong. She truly is confused, a sweet, ambitious woman who wants what rightfully belongs to her. Soon they’re spending lots of time together—and it goes beyond the attorney/client type meetings. The only question is, after untangling the web of lies to get to the truth, whether there will be any room left for love.

Product Warnings: A secret Worth sister? Yes, indeed. Not only will you catch a glimpse of all those delicious Worth brothers one last time, you’ll get to know their sweet, feisty sister—and the man who’ll tame her. All in the name of love.

Title: Metal Heart by Meredith Shayne
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, M/M, Romance
Length: 264 pages


Scott King swore off rock stardom after his band, King Phoenix, crashed and burned. Now in his forties, Scott lives a quiet life as a music producer and session guitarist. But in a box hidden in his wardrobe lie the relics of the past he left behind—a past filled with drugs, booze, and broken hearts. For sixteen years, Scott has had no contact with his former bandmates, so when he’s asked to play at a benefit gig for King Phoenix’s old sound man, his world turns upside down. A King Phoenix reunion means a run-in with Scott’s ex, Ash Walker—and sixteen years ago, believing Ash wanted to leave the band, Scott OD’d and almost died.

Since then, Scott has ruthlessly suppressed his feelings. As a result, he’s completely unprepared for the impact of seeing Ash again, or for dealing with his emotions about the band’s demise. He definitely didn’t expect Ash to want to start up where they left off. Now Scott has to decide between his safe existence and the twenty-year-old love song that could cost him his sobriety—and his heart.

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***The eBooks in this giveaway have been purchased by Book Reviews & More by Kathy.***

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22 Responses to eBook Contest 2/6/13

  1. Suze

    Metal Heart by Meredith Shayne.
    Read some other of her books and enjoyed them

  2. Yvette

    If I win I would love Hard Ridin’

  3. Andrea M

    I’d love to win Metal Heart. I appreciate her work and writing style.
    Thanks so much for having this contest.

  4. elaing8

    I’d pick Metal Heart by Meredith Shayne
    Thanks for the giveaway

  5. Yolanda

    Great choices but I’d love to win a copy of Hard Ridin’.

  6. Timitra

    I’d love a copy of Karen Erickson’s Worth Everything if I win!

  7. Juliana

    I would love to win Metal Heart in mobi/prc format if possible! 😉 Thanks for the contest!

  8. Yvonne Rodz.

    You going to make me choose??!! Sigh. I guess it would be Worth Everything by Karen Erickson.

  9. Gigi

    ‘Metal Heart’ sounds like a great read. Please count me in. Thanks!

  10. Jess1

    My choice would be Metal Heart in mobi format. Thanks for the contest!

  11. Suzanne

    Worth Everything Worth it looks like a great read. PDF or MOBI is fine

  12. Trix

    Either HARD RIDIN’ or METAL HEART would be lovely!

  13. Nancy S

    I would like Metal Heart.

  14. Metal Heart, definitely MH!! Thanks!

    taina1959 at yahoo dot com

  15. Angie M

    I’d love to read Karen Erickson’s Worth Everything . Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. LOVE this author’s work… Worth Everything by Karen Erickson

  17. Urbanista

    I’d love to read Metal Heart, thank you!
    brendurbanist at gmail dot com

  18. Veronica

    Hard Ridin sounds hot hot hot

  19. CatFire

    I would like to read worth Everything by Karen Erickson.

  20. Annette

    I would like Worth Everything. I have read the other three books in the series and they were great.