eBook Contest 5/1/13

Here are the eBooks for this week’s Winning Wednesday contest:

Title: Buck Naked by Desiree Holt
Naked Cowboys Series Book Two
Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: Novella


Sometimes out of the frying pan and into the fire is the best way to burn.

Naked Cowboys, Book 2

Amy Stark has it all together—except for chronic bad taste in men. She’s firmly in hands-off-all-men mode when a flat tire forces her to accept the help of exactly the type of man she’s sworn off. Arrogant, cocky and condescending.

When she runs into him again later that day and then finds out her brother has invited him for dinner, the fire between them has a sizzle of a different kind.

At eighteen, Buck Montgomery left home to make his mark on the bull-riding circuit. He may have had wild success in rodeo but his personal life is in the dust, and while he’s ready to start a new life he’s wary to expose his heart. Buck knows he should tell Amy the truth, but every time he opens his mouth, hers is right there with kisses like molten lava.

When his past resurfaces at the worst possible time, Buck can only wonder if Amy will love the man he has become…or if the man he was will chase her away.

Product Warnings: Contains barnyard language and clap-your-hands-over-your-mama’s-eyes sex between a cowboy with a checkered past and a ranch girl with all the right moves.

Title: Hitched by Erin Nicholas
Promise Harbor Weddings Book Four
Publisher:Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: Novel


And she thought the bridesmaids dresses were her biggest problem…

Promise Harbor Wedding, Book 4

Allison Ralston would rather be anywhere other than this wedding. Even if
the wedding is hers. Especially since the wedding is hers.

But Allie’s determined to restore her family’s happiness, and if tying the knot with longtime family friend Josh Brewster is the way to do it, then she’ll walk down that aisle, toss that bouquet and drink that champagne. Oh, she’ll definitely drink the champagne.

There’s only one thing that could get Gavin Montgomery back to Promise Harbor. And she’s about to say I do to another man. Now he’s back to claim what’s his—even if he has to do it in the middle of her wedding.

Allie is shocked—and okay, a little turned on—when Gavin literally sweeps her off her feet. Safe in his arms, she succumbs to fatigue, stress, and yes, the champagne, only to wake up in his bed. In Alaska.

Now that he’s put four thousand miles between Allie and all her responsibilities, Gavin’s determined to show her that they can make a life together. If he has his way, the next wedding Allie will be planning will be theirs.

Product Warnings: Contains a guy so in love he’s willing to break up the wedding of the season, a bride who just needs to get to, well, anywhere else, and enough hot sex to take them from New England to Alaska and back again.

Title: Paid Leave by Hayley B. James
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Romance
Length: 230 pages


Albuquerque police officer Benji Miller made the choice to hide his sexuality and devote his life to his career. He guards his secret carefully, believing he is protecting his job and happiness. Then, during a routine traffic stop gone awry, he shoots a suspect to protect a young girl, and his life spins out of control. A department-mandated paid leave rips away the only distraction he had, and he has to deal with the unsympathetic media who criticize the police department’s every move.

One day, needing to get out of the house, Benji walks into a café, where he meets Neal McCoy—a gay man living without shame, unafraid to speak his mind or stand up against prejudice. Benji quickly falls for Neal but struggles to combine his new love interest and his career. With the media threatening the careful illusion he’s built around himself, Benji can’t stand the pressure.

Benji has to decide: sacrifice his happiness in the name of his career and an easy life, or find the courage to give up the lonely existence he knows and take a step into the unknown.

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22 Responses to eBook Contest 5/1/13

  1. Timitra

    A bunch of great books this week but if I win I want Hitched by Erin Nicholas!

  2. Yvonne Rodz

    Great choices for the contest! I am going with Hitched by Erin Nicholas.


  3. laurie goudge

    i’d love to win Paid Leave by Hayley B. James


  4. suze

    Paid Leave for me too please.

  5. Trix

    They’re all tempting this week, but I’d go with PAID LEAVE!

  6. Jen B.

    Hitched by Erin Nicholas. I have heard such great things about it! jepebATverizonDOTnet

  7. Oh definitely, Paid Leave! Thank You!!!

  8. It’s a pity a coin only has two sides, I could have flipped one to decide 😀

    As it is after much deliberation I have chosen Paid Leave by Hayley B. James if I get lucky 😀

  9. Karl

    I would love to win Paid Leave.

  10. Jess1

    I would like to win “Hitched”. Thanks!

  11. June M.

    Great choices! Hard to decide but I guess I would pick PAID LEAVE 🙂

  12. Midia

    I’d like Paid Leave by Hayley B. James. Thanks. 🙂

  13. Juliana

    I would love to win Paid Leave! 🙂

  14. Urbanista

    I’d love some Paid Leave right now. Thank you!

  15. Ruth S.

    Buck Naked by Desiree Holt would be one I would love to read.
    Thank you!



  17. Sherry

    Buck Naked would definitely be my choice since I have the other two. 🙂

  18. Heather E

    I’m dying to read the series that includes Hitched…so Hitched is my choice this week. Thanks 🙂

  19. Suzanne

    Paid Leave or Hitched look good to me.

  20. Annette

    Read reviews on Buck Naked and added it to my TBR already. Winning would just knock one off the every growing list. Thanks, Kathy.