Saturday Series Spotlight & Contest: Kelly Jamieson’s San Amaro Singles

Title: With Strings Attached by Kelly Jamieson
San Amaro Singles Book One
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Red Hots!!, Menage & More
Length: Novel


The melting point is where it all comes together…or makes a big mess.

San Amaro Singles, Book 1

Corey Fenwick keeps her bitter past as hidden as the sweet centers inside the handmade chocolates she sells to a growing list of upscale customers. Experience has taught her the only person she can rely on is herself, so her best-friends-with-benefits relationship with Matt is perfect—no strings attached.

After his last girlfriend deemed him “boring”, Matt Ferber watched her ride off on the back of a Harley with a rock musician. Figuring he’s doomed to “let’s just be friends” with the women he cares about, the arrangement with Corey suits him fine too. Until his old friend Dylan Schell rolls into town to hang out while recovering from a surfing injury.

The sexy bad boy makes Corey’s mouth water, and she figures a harmless fling won’t hurt, especially when Dylan suggests she come between him and Matt—in bed.

It’s a win-win-win situation…until somehow there are strings attached. And too late they realize they’re getting all tangled up.

Product Warnings: This book contains an independent woman, two hot guys, some trash talking, a little jealousy, a few beers, chocolate body paint and scary stuff like falling in love.

Title: How to Love by Kelly Jamieson
San Amaro Singles Book Two
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Red Hots!!, Menage & More
Length: Novel


Relationship, no…but threesome, hell yes!

San Amaro Singles, Book 2

Ever since Jules’s new neighbor moved in, she’s been undressing him in her mind. Mike is the fresh inspiration she needs to make her erotic photography studio a success, if she can convince him and his equally buff roommate, Carlos, to strip for her lens. And maybe indulge in a little off-camera fun as well.

But Jules isn’t too worried. She doesn’t do relationships, but she loves men and sex—and in her experience, most men are okay with that.

Judging from the raw emotions leaping from the images in Jules’s gallery, Mike senses there’s a lot going on beneath her flirtatious, slightly cynical exterior. He and Carlos are happy in their committed relationship, but they’ve always felt there’s a piece missing. They want a woman. Jules could be that woman.

A threesome with two committed men? Sounds like an emotionally risk-free dream come true for Jules. But when they make it clear they want more, her deepest fears push to the surface, straining bonds forged in incredible heat to the breaking point…

Product Warnings: The book features two hot men brave enough to climb cliffs, strip naked for erotic photographs, have sex in a portrait studio and on a cliff, and who have the courage to teach a commitment-phobic woman how to love.

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9 Responses to Saturday Series Spotlight & Contest: Kelly Jamieson’s San Amaro Singles

  1. Mel Bourn

    I love Kelly’s books, but haven’t read this series yet. Looks awesome. I need to start with book 1.

  2. Thank you so much for spotlighting my books here!

  3. Timitra

    I haven’t read any books from this series or by this author but I love the sounds of them, if I win I want the first one, With Strings Attached!

  4. I bought, read, and wrote a review on HOW TO LOVE, but I never had a chance to read WITH STRINGS ATTACHED and would love to do so!! Slightly backwards…..but what can I say!!

  5. Christine LaCombe

    I did 1, 2, 3 & 4 and I filled out the contest form. I would love to win How To Love. I really love ménages!! (notice my love theme, lol) thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Trix

    HOW TO LOVE sounds just delightful!

  7. Heather E

    I’ve recently read a few of Kelly’s books but not this series. I enjoy the emotional angles of her books. This one is on my list and I’m glad today’s post was here because I did not know How To Love was in a series and not the first book either! Thanks for the giveway Kathy. 🙂

  8. Yvonne Rodriguez

    Great books to look out for. With Strings Attached sounds awesome. Thanks for the contest!