Review: The Reasons to Stay by Laura Drake

reasonsTitle: The Reasons to Stay by Laura Drake
Publisher: Harlequin
Imprint: Superromance
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 384 pages
Book Rating: B+

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Where she belongs?

Free spirit Priscilla Hart doesn’t get tied down, to anyone or any place. Then she arrives in Widow’s Grove and meets her half brother. The ten-year-old tough guy has no one else but her. So Priss stay—for now.

But her sexy new landlord, Adam Preston, is interfering with her ideas. He’s everything Priss normally steers clear of—committed, stable and no rebellious urges in sight. As opposite as they are, each conversation, each touch, each kiss they share feels so right. Can a little gangster-wannabe, an irresistible “nice” guy; and an odd assortment of new friends make Priss want to stay for good?

The Review:

The Reasons to Stay by Laura Drake is a heartwarming novel about family, healing wounds from the past and finding love when least expected. Footloose and fancy free for the past ten years, Pricilla “Priss” Hart knows life is going to change when she settles down in Widow’s Grove and becomes her ten year old brother Nacho’s guardian. What she is not prepared for is the sizzling attraction between her and her uptight landlord Adam Preston. With Adam deeply rooted in Widow’s Grove and Priss planning to escape as soon as school lets out, is there any future for this mismatched pair?

Priss left her mom and her dysfunctional childhood behind as soon as she could and for the past ten years, she has concentrated on making a decent life for herself. She avoids emotional entanglements and she only gets involved with men who are not interested in a long-term relationship. So the last thing she wants is to make a commitment to Nacho but she soon discovers she cannot abandon him to the foster care system. Priss is completely out of her depth when it comes to her grieving, wannabe gangbanger brother, but she is determined to be the kind of mother to him that their own mother was incapable of being. But when her new life begins to mirror her deceased mother’s, Priss gains a insight into the past but will her new perspective change her plans for the future?

Although Priss, Nacho and Adam get off on the wrong foot, Adam becomes an unforeseen source of good advice when she and Nacho butt heads. Their lives could not be more different, but she and Adam form a unanticipated friendship. As Adam gets to know Priss, he is startled by his growing dissatisfaction with his safe, contained life. His fears continue to hold him back from some long overdue changes but after he and Priss transition from friends to lovers, he does begin to loosen up and consider breaking out of his comfort zone.

Nacho is a great kid and even though he hides it pretty well behind his tough guy image, he is achingly vulnerable. His mistrust of Priss is understandable and even though he make some really bad decisions, it is easy to see the reasons behind them. He is doing his best to protect himself from future heartache and even though he acts out, all in all, he is a pretty normal kid who is trying to make the best of things.

The Reasons to Stay is an engaging romance with a charming cast of appealing, likable characters. It is a wonderful novel about coming to terms with the past and moving into the future. The characters are refreshingly honest and genuine and they are easy to relate to. Once again, Laura Drake provides readers with a sweet, sassy and passionate novel that is guaranteed to tug on their heartstrings.

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