Review: Indecent Proposal by Molly O’Keefe

proposalTitle: Indecent Proposal by Molly O’Keefe
Boys of Bishop Series Book Four
Publisher: Bantam
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 370 pages
Book Rating: B+

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Perfect for readers of Susan Mallery and Rachel Gibson, Molly O’Keefe’s gritty and sensual tale of passion and politics features the brother of the heroine from the author’s beloved novel, Never Been Kissed. He’s a driven man who refuses to be distracted—until he meets a beautiful bartender who just may change his life.

With his chiseled jaw and thick blond hair, Harrison Montgomery was born to lead. Four generations of Montgomery men have served the state of Georgia, and now he’s next in line. Harrison, though, is driven to right wrongs: namely to clean up the political mess left by his father’s greed and corruption. But Harrison must first win his congressional bid, and nothing can get in his way—not even an angel who served him whiskey and gave him a shoulder to lean on and a body to love for a night. Problem is, she’s pregnant. Scandal is brewing, and there is only one solution: marriage.

Damage control? Ryan Kaminski can’t believe that a cold, calculating political animal now inhabits the body of the emotionally vulnerable stranger who gave her the most unforgettable night of her life. Really, she doesn’t want anything from Harrison, except to be left alone to have her baby in peace. But Ryan is broke, jobless, and essentially blackmailed by Harrison’s desperate family to accept this crazy marriage deal. For two years, she will have to act the role of caring, supportive wife. But what is Ryan supposed to do when she realizes that, deep in her heart, she’s falling in love?

The Review:

Indecent Proposal is the much anticipated fourth installment in Molly O’Keefe’s captivating Boys of Bishop series. Tantalizing glimpses of Harrison Montgomery in Never Been Kissed (book two in the series) piqued my curiosity about him and his sudden marriage to Ryan Kaminski, so I have been eagerly impatiently waiting for his story. I can honestly (and happily) say it was sooooo worth the wait!!!

Although Indecent Proposal is the fourth book in the series, it can be read as a standalone. Harrison was instrumental in his securing his sister Ashley’s release from Somali pirates in Never Been Kissed and the storylines from both novels run concurrently. Unlike the previous three novels in the series, Indecent Proposal does not take place in Bishop, but Ashley and her love interest Brody do make a brief, but important, guest appearance.

Ryan has no idea who Harrison when he comes into the bar where she works as a bartender. All she knows is he is obviously hurting, and she impulsively spends one incredibly passionate night with him. Ryan really does not expect their paths to cross again, but one unplanned pregnancy + one big mouthed (but well-intentioned) brother = a marriage of convenience for Ryan and Harrison. Strictly a business arrangement, they quickly marry and Ryan is thrust into the limelight while Harrison campaigns for the upcoming election. Their relationship becomes a confusing mess as they present a loving and united front in public but privately, they keep an emotional and physical distance.

Ryan has had a very difficult life and she is not exactly welcomed into Harrison’s family with open arms. She had brief career as a model when she was younger, but after her early marriage crashed and burned, she lost pretty much everything. Most of her family turned their backs on her and she has been living a fairly bleak and lonely for the past several years. She is honest and upfront about her past mistakes and she is genuinely sorry for the pain she has caused. Ryan readily admits she falls in love with ease, but when it comes to Harrison, she is determined not to fall into old habits.

Harrison fiercely loyal to Ashley, but when it comes to his parents, he tries to keep as far away from them as possible. He deeply resents his parents for using him and Ashley as props to advance his father’s political career. However, he believes in the political system and he is committed to fixing the wrongs his father committed while in office. Harrison is sometimes cold and calculating, but with Ryan, his barriers begin to come down. But his fears are difficult to leave behind, and Harrison continually pushes Ryan away.

Harrison and Ryan’s relationship is a rollercoaster of strong emotions and their history of family dysfunction is a huge obstacle they have to overcome. Both of them are trying to protect themselves from further hurt and every time they get close to one another, they immediately begin to shut down.

Since Harrison and Ryan are trying to maintain a physical and emotional distance from one another, there are fewer sex scenes in Indecent Proposal. Their encounters are intense and while they do bring them closer, more often than not, their intimacy is tenuous and unable to withstand the myriad issues they are facing.

Indecent Proposal is wonderful novel of healing for both Harrison and Ryan and watching them overcome their troubled pasts is incredibly heartwarming. The use of the marriage of convenience plot device is absolutely brilliant and Molly O’Keefe does an outstanding job keeping the storyline fresh and unique.

Indecent Proposal is a heartfelt, poignant and sexy addition to the Boys of Bishop series that old and new fans are going to love.

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