Cover Reveal: Betrayal by Margaret Bingley


Betrayal by Margaret Bingley
Release Date: November 4, 2014


Before Christian Grey was a household fantasy, before Gideon was a name anyone would consider suitable for a sexy hero, long before erotica had its very own genre, let alone it’s own bookshelf—there were authors pushing the envelope with graphic content and strong female characters. Authors like Margaret Bingley.

BETRAYAL, originally written in 1989 was given very little exposure due to it’s “graphic” sex scenes and “troubling” themes (due to the general feeling of the original publisher at the time!), but today stands on it’s own as the forefront in women’s fiction. Now available for US Audiences for the first time, comes a dramatic story of courage and the struggle of a young mother navigating a world alone and fighting for her children.

Set in the second half of the twentieth century, Lisa Green comes from a world of privilege, but only in the way of wealth, not in love. When a turn of events leaves her single, with an Autistic child to raise, without the means to support herself, Lisa gets stuck in an abusive new relationship that she is desperate to get out of.

Lisa represents so many women who want to be loved and to love in return, but are rebuffed again and again. BETRAYAL catalogs one woman’s search for love without conditions, sexual or otherwise, in a world that seems bent against her. BETRAYAL shows two different kinds of love stories- yes it involves romantic partners and sexual exploration but it also involves a mother’s love for her children. A mother’s love for her child is second to none, and Margaret Bingley shows the power of this love effortlessly.

There is still so much to Autism today that we don’t know- so imagine a young, unmarried woman without any means, before Autism was widely treated, struggling to identify the issues and help her young daughter, amidst much turmoil in her volatile and abused life.

BETRAYAL is a wonderful look at how little was known about Autism, written by a true pioneer in the romance genre.

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Author Bio

Margaret Bingley was born in Sutton, Surrey and educated at Sutton High School for Girls GPDST, where she won the school English prize, and then at Rickard’s Lodge Secretarial College in Wimbledon. After that she went to work at the BBC in London, and later moved to work for The Heinemann Group of Publishers at Lower Kingswood in Surrey, where she met her future husband, Alan.

In 1974, Margaret and Alan moved to Grantham in Lincolnshire and In 1976 their son, Alex, was born. One day, after reading a particularly boring book, she decided to try and write one herself and eventually, after many trials and tribulations, her first book THE DEVIL’S CHILD was published. Much of the book was based on those early, halcyon days of motherhood.
She continued writing steadily from 1983 onwards, and in February 2000 she also started writing a weekly column of 400 words for the local paper, The Grantham Journal, entitled ‘The Way I See It’.

Apart from her work, Margaret enjoys reading, opera, dry white wine, Foyle’s War (or anything else with Michael Kitchen in it!) and gardening.

She does not like reality TV shows, ‘alternative’ comedians or Political Correctness.

Author Links: Website * Goodreads

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