eBook Contest April 15

Here are the eBooks for this week’s Winning Wednesday contest:

saint's wifeTitle: The Saint’s Wife by Lauren Gallagher
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: Novel


Strong-arm tactics are no match for the power of love.

Chris McQuaid is dying, and David Lamont will move mountains to fulfill his best friend’s last request—to have his estranged wife by his side until the end. A more spiteful, spoiled, callous woman never lived, but David agrees to talk her into it.

Joanna McQuaid reached her breaking point a long time ago, but she couldn’t break things off permanently. Oppressive, manipulative and toxic as Chris is, she can’t divorce him without becoming a pariah for abandoning the pillar of the community in his final days.

That doesn’t mean she has to lay eyes on him, though—until David masterfully plays on her last shred of guilt. After all, what kind of woman breaks a dying man’s heart?

David congratulates himself for successfully dragging Joanna home, until he learns who really mistreated whom…and how far Chris’s betrayal goes. As they unexpectedly draw on each other for strength, Joanna and David discover something more. Something neither of them knew they needed.

Product Warnings: Contains two people who have been way too strong for way too long, a whole lot of justifiably broken vows, and three hearts who are running out of time to find forgiveness.

touch amberTitle: Touch of Amber by Jayne Rylon
Hot Rods Series Book Seven
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Length: Category


Perfect isn’t a destination. But the journey can be one hot ride.

Hot Rods, Book 7

As the planner for the Hot Rods’ quadruple wedding—one of which involves her sister, Nola—Amber Brown needs every ounce of her formidable attention to detail. Which is just fine with her.

She’s a teensy bit envious of the raw sexual power contained within the Hot Rods’ polyamorous circle. But after watching her mother suffer the heartache of her father’s death, Amber won’t risk her heart, not even for the super-sexy lawyer on the guest list.

Gavyn has handled enough divorce cases to witness the horrors people who supposedly loved each other can inflict. Yet when he assists Amber with the wedding prep in exchange for her advice on his new venture, it’s hard to ignore the steam rising between them.

Finally, they agree to a single night of strings-free sex. Except one taste isn’t enough to curb their hunger. Until Amber makes a shocking discovery that sours her appetite for the man she thought could satisfy her for a lifetime. And leaves Gavyn negotiating desperately for a future he never thought he craved.
Product Warnings

Product Warnings: Powerful emotions, like love—or self-loathing—can be intense to witness. But rescuing someone from soul-deep bitterness is worth the risk.

the priceTitle: The Price by Andrew Grey
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Romance
Length: 200 pages


Hunter Wolf is a highly paid Las Vegas escort with a face and body that have men salivating and paying a great deal for him to fulfill their fantasies. He keeps his own fantasies to himself, not that they matter.

Grant is an elementary-school teacher who works miracles with his summer school students. He discovered his gift while in high school, tutoring Hunter, a fellow student. They meet again when Hunter rescues Grant in a club. Grant doesn’t know Hunter is an escort or that they share similarly painful pasts involving family members’ substance abuse.

After the meeting, Hunter invites Grant to one of the finest restaurants in Las Vegas. Hunter is charming, sexy, and gracious, and Grant is intrigued. With more in common than they realized, the two men decide to give a relationship a try. At first, Grant believes he can deal with Hunter’s profession and accepts that Hunter will be faithful with his heart if not his body. Both men find their feelings run deeper than either imagined. For Grant, it’s harder than he thought to accept Hunter’s occupation, and Hunter’s feelings for Grant now make work nearly impossible. But Hunter’s choice of profession comes with a price, which could involve Grant’s job and their hearts—a price that might be too high for either of them to pay.

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***The eBooks in this giveaway have been purchased by Book Reviews & More by Kathy.***

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