Review: Wicked Exposure by Katana Collins

wicked exposureTitle: Wicked Exposure by Katana Collins
Wicked Exposure Series Book Two
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, BDSM elements, Mystery/Suspense
Length: 352 pages
Book Rating: B

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Nothing left to hide. . .

A forensic photographer with the NYPD, Jessica is devastated to receive word of her sister’s death in a robbery gone awry. But when she arrives home in Portland and the local PD asks her to take pictures, she finds more than she bargained for. With each new photo she exposes more of her sister’s secret erotic life. And when she shares her discoveries with Sam, the super sexy local detective, she experiences passion she never knew possible. But Jessica soon learns she’s merely a pawn in a deadly game of betrayal and revenge and begins to wonder if her next picture could be her last. . .


Wicked Exposure by Katana Collins is an intriguing mystery that also has a BDSM element. This second installment in the Wicked Exposure series picks up with Jessica Walters discovering there is much more to her sister Cassandra’s life and death than she could possibly have imagined.

Jessica is a forensic photographer who returns to her hometown of Portland, ME after Cass’s murder. Told her sister’s death was a robbery gone wrong, Jessica quickly uncovers startling evidence that Cass was most likely mixed up in something illegal. Even more shocking is the realization that her straight-laced sister was actively involved in the BDSM lifestyle as well. In order to learn the truth about Cass’s death, Jessica takes a job with the local police department where she becomes reacquainted with old childhood friend, Sam McCloskey, the lead detective on her sister’s case. It quickly becomes obvious there is a connection between Cass’s illicit activities and her involvement in the BDSM community and Jess is willing to do whatever it takes to solve her sister’s murder.

Jess is a likable, but somewhat clueless, heroine. She and her sister have not been close for years so it really is not too surprising that she knows little about Cass’s personal or professional life. Jess immediately stumbles across incriminating evidence and since she does not know who to trust, she keeps this information to herself. Despite the unresolved history between her and Sam, Jess is still intensely attracted to him, but she does not completely trust him, so she keeps quiet about what she has learned about Cass.

Jess is equally distrusting of Cass’s close friend Dane. However, once she discovers he is directly linked to Cass’s involvement in BDSM, she overlooks her mistrust in hopes of uncovering a lead that will shed light on Cass’s death. But it soon becomes clear that the different areas of Cass’s life are connected but each new clue provides more questions than answers.

Interspersed with the investigation is some sexy (and edgy) hotness between Jess and Sam. Although they have not seen each other since their high school graduation, Jess and Sam share a scorching hot attraction to another. Sam is also involved in BDSM and Jess is only too happy to explore her submissive side with him. But how far is she willing to go with a man she does not completely trust?

Wicked Exposure is a fast paced and exciting mystery that is full of unexpected twists and turns. Katana Collins brings the story to a shocking conclusion that will leave readers impatiently awaiting the next installment in the Wicked Exposure series.

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