Review: Safe in Noah’s Arms by Mary Sullivan

safe noahTitle: Safe in Noah’s Arms by Mary Sullivan
Publisher: Harlequin Superromance
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 288 pages
Book Rating: B

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by the Author


Community service never looked so good

Monica Accord knows trends, not tractors…fashion, not fertilizer. But she’s stuck working on Noah Cameron’s farm after one mistake lands her with community service. Monica remembers Noah from high school, but she definitely never knew about the crush he had on her. Now it just feels as if she’s some bothersome city slicker.

Yet she soon realizes there’s more growing between her and Noah than just crops—a lot more. As long as the revelation of a family secret doesn’t ruin their chance of a lifetime…


Safe in Noah’s Arms by Mary Sullivan is a delightful enemies to lovers romance. This charming story has a unique storyline, a fantastic cast of characters and scrumptiously sensual love scenes. It is a well written and fast paced novel with plenty of depth and substance that I highly recommend to readers of contemporary romances.

Monica Accord is a good girl who does everything “right” until a fateful and ill-thought out decision on her part lands her a community service sentence on Noah Cameron’s farm. Although she is way out of her element, she tries her best to be helpful, but Noah views her as nothing but a nuisance. However, he needs her help so he tries (and mostly fails) to put aside his animosity while they are working together. As the days pass and they begin to get to know one another, Monica and Noah finally begin to find common ground and they form an unexpected friendship. Equally surprising is their unanticipated attraction for one another, but will Monica’s newly discovered family secret and Noah’s unresolved baggage destroy their chance at happiness?

Monica is a caring and compassionate woman whose shyness often leads people to believe she is cold and standoffish. She does not have many friends and she is often quite lonely. Monica does what is expected of her and she is extremely loyal to her family and friends. All during school, she admired Noah but she felt intimidated by his intelligence and his passion for his social causes. Not much has changed in the intervening years, and she is taken completely off guard by her unexpected attraction to him.

Noah is a genuinely kind-hearted man whose dedication to helping people is admirable. He puts others’ needs above his own and he is passionate about environmental issues. Despite his willingness to give everyone else the benefit of the doubt, he refuses to extend the same courtesy to Monica. He is dismissive of her efforts to help him and he continually thinks the worst of her. Although he eventually realizes he has seriously misjudged her, Noah is quick to jump to the wrong conclusions about Monica even after their relationship turns romantic.

The relationship between Noah and Monica is an absolute delight to watch unfold. Monica’s admiration for Noah’s philanthropy continues to deepen as she learns more about him. Noah is shocked to learn that Monica is nowhere near as superficial as he thought and he is stunned by her insightful observations and her willingness to help with some much needed fundraising. Their transition from friends to lovers is gradual and it is so much fun watching Monica playfully seduce Noah. They are a wonderful couple but after Noah puts his trust in the wrong person, their romance is threatened when he is manipulated into believing Monica has betrayed him.

Safe in Noah’s Arms by Mary Sullivan is a very sweet and heartwarming romance. Noah and Monica are marvelous characters who are likable and sympathetic in spite of their flaws and imperfections. Despite the incredible amount of sexual tension between them, their romance progresses at an unhurried and realistic pace. A shocking family secret turns Monica’s world upside down and it is incredibly satisfying watching her stand up for herself in the aftermath of the revelations. An absolutely heartfelt and engaging novel that fans of contemporary romances are sure to love.

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    Thanks Kathy for the review

  2. Cec

    Great review, Kathy!
    Looking forward to reading this book 🙂