Tour Stop & Giveaway: The Unicorn by Delphine Dryden

Hi! I’m Delphine Dryden, touring the internet to talk about my latest book, The Unicorn. It’s a geeky, kinky M/F/F romp, it’s part of Riptide’s “Escape” universe, and it’s a much-expanded version of an earlier story called Roses and Chains. Thanks so much to all the blogs hosting the tour! Be sure to comment on tour posts for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift certificate and your choice of two books from my backlist.

The Unicorn: Let’s Hit the Casting Couch!

I keep a file for most of my books, next to the character file (it’s actually a Scrivener “page” for those Scriv fans out there) called “Central Casting.” Sometimes it helps me to envision a specific actor playing a specific role, when I’m deciding what I want the character to look or sound like. As it happens, I’d never done that for The Unicorn. I had a clear idea of the characters from the start, so I didn’t need to.

But when I asked my girlfriend who could play Mara if this book were ever made into a movie, we both gave the same answer at the same time: Ellen Page. Which…you know, obviously, tiny super-hot brunette pixie who happens to be into ladies.

That got me into the whole “casting” deal, so I decided to go for it. Here are my picks for the main characters (bonus casting: the two big secondary characters, whose book Top to Bottom releases later this year). But consider the debate floor open!

Mara: Ellen Page. She’s wee, she’s got great abs, she looks amazing with short hair, she could totally play my magical kink fairy.

Delia: Jessy Schram. Oh, Once Upon a Time, your casting is so weird because everybody looks so modern? But Ms. Schram has the right almost-generic wholesome vibe to play Delia…who looks like the perfect young suburban wife. Can’t you just picture her with her hair in a ponytail, gardening? And later being collared for a quick trip with her Dom to the adult toy store? I certainly can [Note: in that first pic she is not actually covered with garden dirt but with bruises and gore from kicking alien ass in Falling Skies].

Daniel: B.J. Novak. Precisely because, although he isn’t conventionally handsome, he’s very appealing in a nerdy way; he’ also smart and articulate and very funny. He’d have to have his hair lightened just a tad. But I think it could work.

Amie: Anna Camp. A no-brainer. Who else could you even consider casting as your blond, sadistic, dominant, former cheerleader turned Pilates instructor who is secretly conflicted about her orgasms?

Dru: Emilia Clarke. Her natural coloring (not the Daenerys hair) is perfect for Dru, and I love that she’s not super-skinny. She’d just have to use the Sarah Connor accent, and not the Valley Girl one she broke out on Jimmy Kimmel that one time. Also probably would require a body double like she uses in Game of Thrones for nude scenes.

Okay, peanut gallery—time to weigh in! (Also, feel free to suggest casting for Hayden the huge, scary, subby bouncer at Escape, or Andy the weedy little video store manager who’s a stealth dominant sadist).

Title: The Unicorn by Delphine Dryden
Escape Series Book Two
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, BDSM, Romance, Menage, M/F/F, F/F, Multiple Partners
Length: 143 pages/Word Count: 37,900


Delia and Daniel have a picture-perfect life. They like their jobs. They love their house. Everything is coming up roses . . . but in private, they’d rather have the thorns. Their recent forays into kink have brought them closer than ever, but there’s still something missing, and they can’t quite work it out.

Mara knows what she’s missing: a significant other. She tried vanilla, and it was a total bust. But when she and her last girlfriend took things out of the kink club and into the “real” world, they fizzled. Even their friendship is on the rocks now. Mara feels like a lost stray, looking for a forever home.

When the three of them meet up at the brand-new club Escape, their connection is instant. And surprising—none of them were expecting more than a few hot nights. But now they might be ready to bring their kinky threesome into the light of day and build a life together.

Publisher’s note: This title is a heavily revised re-issue of a prior story, Roses and Chains, originally released in 2011.

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Purchase Link: Riptide Publishing

Author Bio

Delphine Dryden probably should have gone ahead and become an English professor like she planned. Instead, she took a detour through law school, another detour through the wonderful world of working in special education, and took an extra fifteen years to end up where she belonged: writing kinky romances.

Del’s writing has earned an Award of Excellence and Reviewers’ Choice Award from Romantic Times Book Reviews, an EPIC Award, and a Colorado Romance Writers’ Award of Excellence. When not writing or editing, she can be found binge-watching television shows, playing tabletop games, and tweeting to excess.

Author Links: Website * Facebook * Twitter * Tumblr * Pinterest * Instagram * Goodreads * Newsletter Signup


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    Thank you for the excerpt and the chance at winning a great giveaway as well

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    I have to admit I am horrible at casting – I am pretty out of it when it comes to movies/TV. But thanks for sharing your picks!


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    Thank you for the interesting post. I don’t usually cast characters in books in my head. I like to rely on the book covers for that when applicable.
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