Review: One Texas Cowboy Too Many by Carolyn Brown

Title: One Texas Cowboy Too Many by Carolyn Brown
Burnt Boot, Texas Series Book Three
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 352 pages
Book Rating: B

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Carolyn Brown’s New York Times and USA Today bestselling cowboys prove that love is bigger in Burnt Boot, Texas

She’s got too many cowboys on her hands
Leah Brennan has always been the good girl of the Brennan family, groomed to become the matriarch of the clan. When a dark-eyed, tattooed, ponytailed bad boy saunters into her life, Leah knows he’s off-limits-but his mesmerizing gaze makes her forget everything she used to think was important. As town-wide tension rises, Leah wonders if love really can conquer all…

And the whole town’s taking sides
When Rhett O’Donnell roars into Burnt Boot on a hot July evening, the first thing he sees is a beautiful blonde. She puts a little extra giddy-up in his heartbeat, but when Rhett’s desire throws him into the middle of a love triangle and a hundred-year-old feud, he realizes that winning his cowgirl’s heart will be a lot more complicated than he thought.


One Texas Cowboy Too Many is another zany installment in Carolyn Brown’s Burnt Boot, Texas series. In this third outing, good girl Leah Brennan falls for tattooed biker/cowboy Rhett O’Donnell, but will her Granny Mavis’s objections ruin their chance at happiness?

Growing up in the midst of the infamous Brennan/Gallagher feud, Leah never even considered acting on her longtime crush on Tanner Gallagher. Still quietly pining after the handsome cowboy, she is surprised by her unexpected attraction to Rhett, but she is even more astonished by her Granny’s reaction to the long haired cowboy. Knowing the time has come to break free from both the tension of the longstanding feud and her strong-willed, controlling grandmother, Leah takes the first of many steps to gain some long overdue independence.

Despite his outward appearance, Rhett is a kind-hearted man who is very loyal to his family. Wandering smack dab in the middle of the feud, he refuses to take sides and although he is falling for Leah, he encourages her to do what is best for her and her family. Although he is fully aware of Mavis’s dislike of him, Rhett is always a gentleman around her and he is always unfailingly polite whenever their paths cross. He is supportive of Leah without being overbearing and he pretty much takes all of the Brennan/Gallagher families’ scheming in stride.

Despite the Gallagher/Brennan family shenanigans, the relationship between Rhett and Leah is quite laid back and conflict free. While there is plenty of sexual tension between them, they take the time to get to know each other before giving in to their passion. Although Rhett and Leah fall in love in a very short amount of time, there is never any doubt that the emotion between them is genuine.

As with the first two books in the Burnt Boot, Texas series, the longstanding Brennan/Gallagher feud takes center stage, often overshadowing the budding romance between Rhett and Leah. The warring family’s antics are over the top and so outrageous that it becomes more tiresome than humorous. Equally frustrating are the matriarchs efforts to outdo one another and keep the war going instead of letting bygones be bygones. The younger generations are ready to leave the dispute behind but fear of enraging and/or disappointing their relatives leads them giving up (or sometimes hiding) friendships or romantic relationships.

With a cast of quirky but likable characters, plenty of folksy charm and a sweet, yet sensual romance, One Texas Cowboy Too Many is a wonderful addition to the Burnt Boot, Texas series. Old and new fans of Carolyn Brown are sure to enjoy this newest adventure starring the Gallagher/Brennan families.

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3 Responses to Review: One Texas Cowboy Too Many by Carolyn Brown

  1. Eileen R

    Thanks for the review. I was wondering if the feud was going to get bigger than the romance and it sounds like it finally does. I like the series so I’ll still read it.

  2. Timitra

    Thanks Kathy for sharing your thoughts