Review: Maverick by Lisa Bingham

Title: Maverick by Lisa Bingham
Taggart Brothers Series Book Three
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 320 pages
Book Rating: B

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The Taggart brothers’ wild romance ride continues with the new novel from the bestselling author of Renegade.

Rough riding Bodey Taggart may be rock hard and tough as nails, but even he has a soft side when the right woman comes along…

Bodey has always followed his own rules: live hard, play hard, and win big. But when his wild ways give him two concussions within a month of each other, his brothers lay down some new rules: no bronco busting, sky diving, or ATVs for the rest of summer. It seems the only pastimes not restricted are shooting competitions…and women.

Beth Tivoli is new to Bodey’s circle of friends, and unlike any woman Bodey has ever met—she isn’t about to follow him into bed. She’s not looking to hook up with anyone, especially when she’s trying to escape her past. Bodey quickly realizes that courting Beth is no game, and despite her resolve, they both begin to discover that maybe romance can be different this time around…


The third installment in Lisa Bingham’s captivating Taggart Brothers series, Maverick is a charming romance between a rough and tumble cowboy and a feisty yet cautious young woman.  While this latest release can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend the entire series.

Bodey Taggart is an extremely competitive cowboy who is always up for any challenge or adventure that comes his way.  He is easygoing,  laidback and very popular with the ladies, but lately, his life feels a little empty.  Sidelined due to a couple of very serious injuries, Bodey is taking the Hell on Wheels competition very seriously when he meets Beth Tivoli.  The lovely and spirited young woman is NOTHING like the women he usually dates, so he is very surprised by his attraction to her.  When his patented moves fail to win her over, Bodey is taken a little off guard, but he refuses to give up on getting her to go out with him.  Realizing very quickly that his feelings for Beth are different than anything he has experienced in the past, Bodey is quite introspective as he reflects on the path his life has taken since the tragic accident that killed his parents and younger sister years earlier.  Finally understanding the reasons for his reckless choices and empty romances, Bodey is determined to do whatever it takes to keep Beth in his life.

With plenty of complications already in her life, Beth’s unexpected attraction to Bodey is more than just an unwanted distraction.  Letting him get close to her is a risk she cannot afford to take but he somehow manages to slip past her formidable defenses despite her efforts to hold him at arm’s length.  Beth has an enormous responsibility resting on her shoulders and a mistake on her part could have dire consequences for the people who are depending on her.  Used to handling her problems on her own, she finds it very difficult to trust anyone and despite Bodey’s best efforts to get to know her, she cannot take him into her confidence.  Despite her reservations, Beth cannot resist giving in to her desire for the charismatic, fun-loving cowboy.  However when her past catches up with her, she has no choice but to reveal her secrets to Bodey but once the danger has passed, dare Beth hope he will still want a relationship with her?

Like the previous novels in the Taggart Brothers series, there is a bit of an insta-love quality to the romance between Bodey and Beth.  Their time together is brief but meaningful and the added element of suspense helps to accelerate their feelings for one another.  The Taggart siblings and their significant others are mostly absent in this outing due to the Wyoming setting (instead of Utah).  With little in the way of external distractions with characters from previous novels, the storyline mainly focuses on the developing relationship between Bodey and Beth which lends credence to their romance.  A strategic guest appearance by older brother Elam does provide Bodey with a useful sounding board as he tries to sort through his confusing feelings for Beth.  Elam’s help is also invaluable when the situation with Beth turns violent and Bodey is even more grateful when his other brother, Jace, makes an unexpected detour to Wyoming just as the crisis with Beth turns dire.  When the dust finally settles from a violent confrontation, will Beth and Bodey find a way to live happily ever after?

With an appealing cast of endearing characters, an engaging storyline and a heartwarming, sizzling hot romance, Maverick is a marvelous addition to Lisa Bingham’s Taggart Brothers series.  The change in setting not only keeps this newest release fresh but the time away from his family provides Bodey with the opportunity to sort through his conflicted feelings.  Beth is a vibrant yet sympathetic character whose reluctance to confide in strangers is understandable. The romance between Beth and Bodey is an absolute delight to watch unfold and although they fall in love extremely fast, their connection and emotions ring true.  With just a hint of suspense, this delightful novel is a riveting love story that is sure to be a hit with old and new fans of this wonderful series.

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