Guest Post and Giveaway: Bait by Elizabeth Noble

Writing mysteries ruined mysteries for me.

I don’t think it’s a big secret that I love mysteries. I darn well better, I write enough of them. There is, however, a drawback to writing those mysteries.

You see, to write a mystery/suspense/thriller you first must create the mystery to be solved. That means I sit myself down and work out some sort of loose chain of events that leads me—and my readers—through said mystery.

One of the fun part of reading or watching a mystery is guessing the whodunit. You do it, I do it, we all do it.

When writing a mystery, there are markers you leave for the reader to either throw them off the scent or set them up to catch the scent. There is no reason a writer can’t do both and in multiple layers. The purpose of a mystery after all is to give the reader a thrill and a surprise twist or two.

All that is well and good until I want to read a mystery or sit down and watch something with intrigue and a complicated plot like Designated Survivor. I love that show! I play a game with myself and try to figure out who the bad guys are. Problem is, I’m pretty darn good at it. I think I already have the bad guys in this show figured out. No worries, though, knowing the end is something I’ve come to accept long ago.

Not so for my co-workers at my day job. Like most people who’ve worked together for a long time we talk. About all sorts of things including books, television and movies. A large group of us there like the same genres including a good whodunit. We make bets, have in depth discussions and analyze every move every character makes.

It’s sort of like an in person on line forum.

They hate me because I guess the culprit correctly too much of the time. What can I say? Hazard of the profession. Every now and then I throw one of our bets just to keep the peace.

How good are you at guessing the outcome of a whodunit? Does it bother you when you can do that?

And now for the giveaway! I’m offering winner’s choice of eBook (format of winner’s choice) excluding 2016 releases and bundles.

Title: Bait by Elizabeth Noble
Circles Series Book Five
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Mystery/Suspense, Romance
Length: 94 pages/Word Count: 31,049


Circles: Book Five

Tyler McCall has made mistakes. He was a teacher—before he fell for a student in his school. That misstep cost him his job and everything he’d worked for. He moved to the Black Hills of Wyoming to start his life over, and he’s happy working at the Big Rock Inn near Devils Tower.

Linden Bourne, a no-nonsense FBI agent Tyler had met before, returns to Wyoming hot on the trail of a killer. The previously unexplored attraction between them grows—which is good considering they’ll be spending a lot of time together when a blizzard strands them at the inn. Cut off from the outside world, with no power, they’ll need to rely on their wits and each other to survive.

Especially when it becomes clear they’re not alone—and the danger they face comes from more than the elements.

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Tyler nodded. “What are the odds of their killers being two different people?” he asked.

“I think low. Even though both these men died in a different way, there is now a pattern,” Linden explained.

“A pattern?”

“Yeah. Julius was afraid of drowning. Bet you Jeremy had some fear of burning. Both these murders were set up to appear as if they were suicides, and there is now an established link between the victims when they were juveniles. That sort of information is hard to get unless someone specifically looks for it.” He turned and faced Tyler, looking him directly in the eye. “What’s your fear?”

“Freezing. Which is laughable because that’s a pretty painless way to die. You get cold, then warm, then fall asleep. I might live here, but during the colder months, I don’t go hiking or do much in the way of outdoor activities. I do love it here during three of the seasons, though.”

Linden tapped the yearbook. “Would playing these mystery-solving games give someone that sort of information about someone else?”

“Yes, it’s very possible.” Tyler shrugged. “But in my case I don’t think it’s ever been a secret I’m not fond of the cold.”

Linden snorted. “Sort of ironic you wanted to live here.”

“Not really. I was only thinking of when it was nice and sunny, with flowers blooming and leaves on the trees. My coming here was more of an emotional decision because I needed to get away than anything else. Wyoming is a good place to get away to.” Tyler glanced down at the floor again, then turned to look out the window. Linden followed his gaze and sucked in a breath at the sight of Devils Tower rising up in the distance, white against the gray sky. Tyler turned back to Linden. “Whoever is here is probably after me.” He took another deep breath. “So let’s trap that person. I’ll be the bait.”

“No.” Linden held up one finger. “That’s a bad, bad idea.”

Author Bio

e nobleElizabeth Noble lives by the adage “I can’t not write”. She can’t remember a time when she didn’t make up stories and eventually she learned how to write them down. A part of every day is spent living in worlds she created that are filled with intrigue and espionage. Using a real love of scifi and urban fantasy highlighted by twisty plots she crafts stories taking place in a slightly altered version of our world.

When she’s not chronicling the adventures of her many characters Elizabeth is a veterinary nurse living in her native Cleveland, Ohio. She shares her little brick house with an adorable canine princess and her tabby cat side-kick. Elizabeth is a fan of baseball, basketball (go Cavs and Indians!) and gardening. She can often be found working in her ‘outside office’ listening to classic rock and plotting her next novel waiting for it to be dark enough to gaze at the stars.

Elizabeth received several amateur writing awards. Since being published two of her novels have received honorable mentions in the Rainbow Awards. Her novel Jewel Cave was a runner up in the 2015 Rainbow awards in the Gay Mystery/Thriller category.

Author Links: Website * Facebook * Facebook Group * Twitter * Goodreads * Pinterest * Email


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How good are you at guessing the outcome of a whodunit? Does it bother you when you can do that?


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11 Responses to Guest Post and Giveaway: Bait by Elizabeth Noble

  1. Ami

    Hmmm, I am not sure how good I am in guessing whodunnit. There are times I am good at it, there are times my guess is completely wrong.

  2. Lisa

    It really depends on the book, sometimes I can guess really easily sometimes not. Sometimes it’s very obvious, other times I’m chasing my tail!

  3. Angeles

    I don’t like when it is very obvious. I like trying to guess it using the clues given by the author.

  4. Meredith Miller

    I am not good at all. Sometimes I’ve really clueless until the end and then the clues click.

  5. Jen CW

    I try and sometimes figure out who did it. I don’t mind figuring it out early if the story is good. I love when I am surprised at the end, as long as there were enough clues to make it not seem completely random.

  6. susana

    I’m quite good at guessing whodunit, but I does not worry me at all when I do so…It actually worries me when I can’t. I think I maybe losing my touch! LOL
    Congratulations on the new release, Elizabeth. It sounds great

  7. Jen F

    I think I am just average at guessing the outcome of a whodunit. And, it only bothers me if I feel it was really obvious. If I had to work at it, then it doesn’t bother me.

    Thanks for the post and contest!

  8. Trix

    I’m reasonably good at guessing whodunit in a thriller, but if it’s a caper I tend to get lost in the twists and turns…

  9. Timitra

    Thanks for sharing

  10. H.B.

    I enjoy the mysteries more so in recent years. I love thinking through it and figuring out who the culprit or suspect is. Usually I’m a pretty good guess but I love it when there’s a twist and there’s more than meets the eye.

  11. su

    I am pretty good at working through the clues to figure out who the culprits or culprits may be and love red herrings thrown in, but I would never be a Poirot or Columbo 🙂