Review: Marry Me On Main Street by Luann McLane

Title: Marry Me On Main Street by Luann McLane
Cricket Creek Series Book 11
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 303 pages
Book Rating: B

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In the latest Cricket Creek romance from the USA Today bestselling author of Wish Upon a Wedding, two people discover what it really takes to go after your heart’s desire…

In her small shop on Main Street, Susan Quincy sells handmade gifts and repurposed items. But she can’t part with the beautiful rocking chair she bought at an estate sale when its maker turns out to be Danny Mayfield. Even years later, Susan still cringes over how her handsome, popular high school crush only asked her to prom out of pity—or so she thinks…

Danny doesn’t know why Susan has avoided him for years, especially after the electric kiss they shared the night of prom. So when he learns that she wants him to craft more rocking chairs to sell at her shop, Danny can’t resist the chance to work on his passion and charm shy, beautiful Susan again—and this time, make it last…


Marry Me On Main Street by Luann McLane is a sweet, conflict free holiday romance that old and new fans of the Cricket Creek series are going to LOVE!

Susan Quincy might still be a bit shy, but she has really come out of her shell since opening her business.  She is close to her parents but she leads a fairly solitary life.  A chance encounter with her old high school crush, Danny Mayfield, is just the catalyst she needs to jumpstart her life.  With her close friend & assistant, Betsy Brock’s encouragement, Susan decides  it is time to open herself to new experiences. Although she is a little nervous, she gives her wardrobe a much needed makeover and she tentatively accepts  Danny’s offer to go out with him.  Although somewhat surprised by how much fun she has on their dates, Susan wants to take things slow, but fate steps in and hastens their plan to take their relationship to the next level.

Danny is feeling a little lonely and dissatisfied with his life and he is having trouble getting into the holiday mood.  He is a kindhearted man who is quite dedicated to his family but by concentrating on helping them with their businesses, Danny is quite reluctant to pursue his career aspirations.  Happy to finally run into Susan,  he is rather bemused by her reaction when he asks her to go out with him.  However, he does not let her refusal deter him from trying to persuade her to change her mind.  He is quite charmed by Susan’s adorable quirks and their time together is blissfully free from conflict or drama.  Like Susan, Danny is fine with taking things slowly but when the opportunity presents itself to take their relationship up a notch, he eagerly takes advantage of the situation.

Susan and Danny’s romance is an absolute delight to watch unfold.  Although initially reluctant to confide why she is reluctant to date him, Susan does finally give Danny the reason she avoided him since high school.  Their dates are rather low key  but this provides them the chance to get to know each other.  Although their interactions are mostly chaste and initially limited to steamy kisses, there is a marvelous undercurrent of desire that burns hotter with each encounter.  However, their romance turns heated late in the story and although Susan is somewhat overwhelmed by her unexpected response, she and Danny discuss the problem instead of ignoring it.  They are a mature couple with excellent communication skills who are committed to making their relationship work despite some of the obstacles in their way.

A secondary story arc leads to an unexpected romance for Susan’s friend, Betsy.  Feeling somewhat out of sorts since her daughter left for college, Betsy is surprised by her attraction to deli owner John Clark.  She is rather intimidated by his past so, at first, she is quite reluctant to agree to go out with him.  John has his share of emotional baggage from his previous career and failed marriage, but he is a genuinely nice man who slowly but gently persuades Betsy to give him a chance.  Their romance is a wonderful addition to the storyline and readers who enjoy seeing older couples find happiness are going to love their love story.

Marry Me On Main Street by Luann McLane is a charming holiday novel with a cast of appealing characters, a tranquil small town setting and two love stories that are extremely heartwarming.  The storyline is engaging and the dual romances are captivating.  Although this latest release is the eleventh installment in the Cricket Creek series, it can easily be read as a standalone (but I highly recommend the previous novels in the series as well).

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