June Reading Challenge Discussion

Time to check in and see how everyone did with June’s Reading Challenge to read a book that’s a little out of your comfort zone!

My selection was Wonderland by Jennifer Hillier.

Wonderland’s cover totally creeped me out so I kept putting off reading it. Yet at the same time the cover repelled me, I kept coming back to it when I was trying to decide which book to read for the challenge. I have to admit that I am THRILLED I chose Wonderland. The book is a straight up mystery and Jennifer Hillier does a FANTASTIC job keeping readers guessing whodunit and why right up until the novel’s end. I can usually figure out the killer’s identity but there were plenty of suspects with plausible motives for the murders. However, I can safely say that while the content is nowhere near as creepy as the cover, I won’t be visiting any clown museums anytime in the near future!!

Now it’s your turn! Did you complete your challenge? Did you like the book you chose?

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4 Responses to June Reading Challenge Discussion

  1. Suze

    Finding His Feet by Sandra Bard
    For a book that covers topics I wouldn’t normally choose (I won this in a comp), I actually got quite into it.
    It is an AU, distopian future with an unending war where the fighters are almost disposable and have various types of armour from heavy coating to an almost symbiotic relationship.
    The story of camaraderie between the 4 main charcters as they grew from strangers and protagonists to a tight group was good and kept my interest when all the complexities of such a story with plots, sub plots and the many characters and places got too much for me. So overall, for I genre I don’t read I quite enjoyed

    • Book Reviews & More by Kathy

      Do you think you’ll read more books in the genre now?

      I am really glad it turned out to be a good selection for you!!

      • Suze

        I did read another AU, scifi book this month – didn’t get on with it so well, more other life forms in it, set in space and book 4 of a series where you had to have read the others really – it was well written but just didn’t do it for me. Think I need a bit of reality I can hang onto!!

        • Book Reviews & More by Kathy

          LOL-I think the lack of reality is why I just cannot get into sci-fi or dystopian novels. The only dystopian series I’ve liked is Cecilia Ahern’s young adult series, Flawed. I like her books so I didn’t read the summary when I requested the first book in the series and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it!