Review: Renegade Cowboy by Sara Richardson

Title: Renegade Cowboy by Sara Richardson
Rocky Mountain Riders Series Book Three
Publisher: Forever
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 352 pages
Book Rating: B

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Cassidy Greer knows that cowboys are nothing but trouble. But when her childhood crush comes riding into town, she starts to have second thoughts. Levi’s a world-class bull rider now and more handsome than ever. It’s a good thing she’s getting out of Dodge soon or she just might be tempted . . .

As a famous rodeo star, Levi Cortez could have his pick of any woman on the circuit. But when he reconnects with Cassidy, sweet memories come rushing back. Levi knows Cass doesn’t want to get roped into a relationship. Not with a cowboy. The only question is, can he convince her he’s more than just a renegade cowboy before the summer’s over?


Renegade Cowboy by Sara Richardson is a heartwarming romance that also deals with real life issues such as unresolved grief and alcoholism. This third installment in the Rocky Mountain Riders series can easily be read as a standalone.

Levi Cortez has undergone a great deal of growing up since his return home. He has finally taken responsibility for something his brother took the fall for many years ago and this has strengthened his bond with his family. Levi is also finally aware that he runs away when things get tough and his actions have consequences.  After his best friend Cash Greer’s death,  Levi left town, essentially abandoning the Greer family who also treated him as a second son. Determined to make up for his past mistakes with Cash’s sister Cassidy and her mom, Lulu, Levi realizes his feelings for Cass run much deeper than friendship.  Given their complicated history and the situation with her alcoholic mother, will Cassidy take a chance on love?

Although Levi has matured a great deal since coming home, he is still very charming with a light-hearted, fun-loving approach to life. Despite his easygoing manner, he takes his responsibilities very seriously and he has kept the promises he made to make up for his mistakes. Levi is absolutely stunned once he realizes the gravity of the situation with Cassidy and Lulu but Cassidy rebuffs his efforts to lessen her burden.

In the years following Cash’s death,  Cassidy’s family slowly fell apart.  Now responsible for caring for her mom, Cassidy is finally on the cusp of attaining her career goals. Despite her excitement over the next phase of her life, she has very real concerns about what will happen with Lulu. In light of the losses she has suffered, Cassidy is very guarded and avoids taking emotional risks.

Levi knows Cassidy is “The One” for him and he eagerly devises a plan to woo her. However, he sadly underestimates  her ability to ignore and evade him. Levi is quick to take advantage of every opportunity to spend time with her but Cassidy is determined to resist him. Theirsizzling hot attraction is eventually too strong to ignore and Levi proposes a no strings fling. Cassidy agrees to his suggestion but will she keep her emotions out of their arrangement?

Renegade Cowboy by Sara Richardson is a heartfelt romance that perfectly balances light-hearted fun and serious issues that are easy to relate to. Levi is truly remorseful for the mistakes he has made and he genuinely wants to right these wrongs. Cassidy is a wonderful young woman who takes her family responsibilities very seriously but she often put others needs ahead of her own.  Their romance tugs on readers’ heartstrings as Levi patiently gives Cassidy the time and space she needs to work through her fears. An absolutely delightful addition to the  Rocky Mountain Riders series that fans of Western contemporary romances will enjoy.

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